Looking back on the Ducks’ inaugural NHL game with Guy Hebert & Sean Hill

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Looking back on the Ducks' inaugural NHL game with Guy Hebert & Sean Hill

KENT FRENCH: That was earlier this afternoon. [INAUDIBLE] signing some autographs on the red carpet as the team made their way into Honda Center for the home opener as they take on the Detroit Red Wings here tonight. By the way, 25 years ago to the day was the first ever game-- regular season game in Mighty Ducks history, and who scored the first ever goal? That's Sean Hill. What a celebration. Got to like that slap shot, find the back of the net-- after the whiff.


Now that I see that up close, that was pretty good. Sean Hill joining us live on set now, and Sean, what is it like to kind of reminisce and look back at this day 25 years ago?

SEAN HILL: Oh, it's great. To see that goal. You know, it's been a long time since I've actually seen it. And to see how it developed, I don't really remember that. I remember sliding across the ice like it was an overtime winner or something. But little do most people know that was our first goal, you know, and we're down 3-1 at the time.

KENT FRENCH: Guy, what was the emotion like being on the ice, you and Sean, under the Disney umbrella for the very first time? All the pomp and circumstance surrounding the game. I mean, a pretty incredible night.

GUY HEBERT: You know, all around an incredible night, but you know, I just have to congratulate Sean on the first ever Ducks goal. And you can correct me if I'm wrong, I think that was your last NHL goal as well.

SEAN HILL: It feels like a lot of times, that's for sure.

KENT FRENCH: It was pretty amazing. Brian Hayward back in 1993. Guys, you take a look at some of the footage here. Disney spent-- by the way-- $450,000 on this pre-game show. Very Disney-esque. Sean, did you have a chance-- did you know what was going on on the ice before you guys got out there?

SEAN HILL: You know what? I think we had a little bit of an idea, but afterwards I think we saw it and we were definitely surprised at the extent that they went to really make sure opening night was special.

KENT FRENCH: What was it like playing for a team owned by Disney, Sean? Was it-- did you feel like you had to be extra tough on the ice? You see Stu there throwing down. I mean, what was the atmosphere like? How did the other teams take it?

SEAN HILL: You know, I don't think the other teams are going to say much when we had Stu Grimson and, you know, guys like him. Guys like Troy Loney, [INAUDIBLE]. We had a pretty tough team. Nobody was really going to make too much fun of us.

But you know what? We learned right off the bat that Disney was going to do things the right way. Was going to be first class all the way and they certainly did not disappoint.

KENT FRENCH: Do you know what says tough? This next photo says tough.


GUY HEBERT: That is-- that's tough.

KENT FRENCH: OK, how in the world-- OK, yes, now you got to be really tough after-- this is a pirate ship at Pirates of the Caribbean. Guy, you're front and center to the right there with the mullet. And, Sean, I think you're hanging from one of the posts up there. Is that right?

SEAN HILL: Yeah, and you want to talk about tough? I wasn't tough on the ice, but I definitely took the toughest job in this one climbing up there like that putting my life on the line.

KENT FRENCH: I love that photo. Yeah, Guy's got the poster still hanging in his house, I think.

SEAN HILL: Absolutely.

GUY HEBERT: I do. I had to take it out just to bring it down here for the show.

KENT FRENCH: Well, we have something to show you, Sean, which is pretty darn cool. We have found the stick you used to score the very first goal in Mighty Ducks franchise history, and it looks like you signed it to Michael Eisner there at the top. You remember doing that?

SEAN HILL: I do remember signing something. I couldn't remember if it was the puck from the first goal or the stick, but obviously this shows us that it was a stick. And, you know, I was kind of wondering where that was, and I figured it was probably lost, but it's great to see an old friend back again.

KENT FRENCH: It was back in-- back downstairs in the basement, I think. It's been locked up well, and we'll hold on to it. By the way, got your skate there too.

A lot of memorabilia here surrounding the night. It should be fun. And you're going to be on the ice with Guy for the first puck ceremony. Am I correct?

SEAN HILL: Yeah, we are scheduled to do that, so that will be an excellent moment to join Guy on the ice again.

KENT FRENCH: All right, fellas. Well, thanks for joining us. We truly appreciate it. Enjoy the evening.