Ducks coach Randy Carlyle talks about playing without Ryan Getzlaf

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Randy Carlyle talks about playing without Ryan Getzlaf

ANNOUNCER 1: Let's talk about the captain, Ryan Getzlaf. He's an ongoing theme. Unfortunately, for the second consecutive year, has been injuries. Getzlaf injured in the third period Saturday night in Arizona. What did you see? And what are we looking at here?

ANNOUNCER 2: It was an innocent play. He got on his horse. He had possession of the puck in the neutral zone. And he just came up lame at the offensive blue line and went right back to the bench, immediately into the locker room.

We've received no formal update on the status of Ryan Getzlaf. We don't want to speculate on the nature of the injury. We don't know at this point, quite honestly, if this is going to be a week or more than a week or a longer-term-type injury. So the fingers are crossed right now.

We know how important he is to this team. It's a much different team. Not only on the ice, but inside the locker room, this is Ryan Getzlaf's team. He is the voice that everybody listens to inside the locker room. And he leaves a tremendous void when he is not part of this.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah, and this morning, head coach Randy Carlyle spoke about how he wants this team to respond in the absence of Ryan Getzlaf.

- When you lose the player of Getzlaf's stature, there's a lot of things that go through him from an offensive standpoint. But as we always talk about, when somebody goes down with an injury, there's somebody gets more of an opportunity. And we've got a bunch of guys that have done this before for us. This isn't something new. If you look at last year till January, we were missing a large group of the same bodies we're missing this year. So it's not like this hasn't happened to us before.

But again, it's a new season, new team. We've got younger players in a replacement situation here. So hopefully we can continue to play that uptempo game, get it going at a-- to a higher rate for our group. We haven't played, in my mind, anywhere near where we're capable of playing from a pace. And we can execute to a higher level with the puck. And those are the things that we're going to strive for.