Max Comtois talks about his second career goal

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Max Comtois talks about his second career goal

- In the second, Max Comtois, his second career NHL game, you pick up your second career goal. Once you found yourself was on a breakaway, what was going through your mind and what was the game plan as you skated in on Antii Raanta?

- I knew that Fowler had the puck. And I had a step on the D-man. So I just trying to find the puck and just get body position on him. And I didn't know how much time I had left. So I took a shot and it went in. So very happy.

- 2 for 2. Got to like it. In game number one in San Jose, your folks didn't have a chance to get there. But they are in the stands tonight. How much more special is that to be able to score a goal in front of them?

- It's nice. It's always fun to have my family close to me. And, yeah, this one was for them. They missed the first one. But, yeah, no, very happy that I scored.