Ron Smith on Coach Long’s Leadership

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Senior Ron Smith discusses Coach Long's leadership and how it has impacted the team

COMMENTATOR: With Rocky Long at the helm, San Diego State is one of the most successful road teams in the country. The Aztecs are 14-3 in true road games since October 10, 2015, and in that stretch, the red and black have outscored their opponents by 258 points and are plus-20 in the turnover margin.

RON SMITH: It pushes us to be better, because we want to hold up to his standard and make it our standard, as well, of being the most physical guys out there, the fastest, the strongest, to be out there and actually play the hardest, the longest, to win the game. And we've seen that whenever the defense shows up that we have so much of a better chance of winning, because of his mantra of being the most physical, being the fastest, and playing harder longer than the other team. So just buying into that, I can see how it's allowed us to win more games and actually play better. So as long as we stick to that, I feel like we'll be just fine on the defensive side.