Film with Coach Long- SDSU vs. Boise State Prep

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Mike Pomeranz sits down with Coach Long to discuss SDSU's preparation for Boise State.

[MUSIC PLAYING] ANNOUNCER: The red and black are on the road this weekend to kick off their conference schedule against Boise State. The Broncos are ranked 24th in the coaches poll after defeating Wyoming 34-14 and match SDSU's 3 and 1 record overall.

- You know, that game is definitely circled. Against Boise at Boise. But you know, we have to treat it as just game because they're just like any other opponent. At the end of the day, you know, we, as a team, have to come out there with the right mindset and to want to play football and to play hard. And so I think with us having that mindset, it will really gear up up to play.

ANNOUNCER: And now we dig deeper into the Broncos on both offense and defense with the head coach in the film room.

- All right coach, let's turn our attention to this week's opponent, Boise State. You and Boise State are always the two toughest programs it seems, year in and year out, especially recently. What do you see from Boise State that most impresses you offensively?

- Well, I have already mentioned that I think that the quarterback is playing at a high level. And they've got some outstanding receivers. You'll see number 16 here, Jonathan Hightower right down here, I think he's the fastest guy they've got. And you'll see the quarterback take his time, even though there's a little pressure on him, you see a little pressure right here from the defensive lineman, take his time and lay it up. And now watch Hightower outrun the DB to the ball.

So they're explosive. I mean, very, very explosive. Because that was not a lot of time. That quarterback was under pressure, still put it on the money, and Hightower out ran the DB.

OK. Now you'll see they do a lot of change of formations and they do a lot of trick stuff to try to confuse you. They're using number 16 again here. You'll see this play here that looks like a zone read quarterback option play. Now you should be smart enough to realize that he does not want to run the option. The quarterback doesn't.

But they're bringing Hightower again on a reverse. So you see this, everybody is chasing the ball. They get blocks out here and run this guy off. Blocks out here. And the misdirection with the reverse. And you've got that great speed again with good blocking out in front of it. And you've got another big time play and a big time run and a big time touchdown.

- Hightower is the guy we're featuring right now. But as you said earlier, they rotate three, four guys.

- Yeah, they they've had a couple of guys on national TV with highlights of one handed catches. And it's not necessarily 16. They've got two or three other guys that can run fast and catch the ball too.

MIKE POMERANZ: All right, so a lot of big play ability, quick strike ability. And then defensively, what do they bring to the table?

- Well, I think they've got the best front seven in the league. Or in this case, you'll see they're in a nickel package. They have five DBs and they have six guys up here. But I think they have the best front four in our league. And they get a lot of pressure with a four man rush.

You'll notice here, they're playing a form of 3 deep zone. Three guys deep, four underneath. And usually a good quarterback can pick this apart, unless there's a pass rush. Now you'll see how quick the pass rush gets there, and that's the best pass defense right there.

MIKE POMERANZ: Now let's take another look at the Broncos on defense.

ROCKY LONG: Now you'll see here where they're down near the goal line. They have a two back set. Now this is not exactly how we do things. But we're going to try to run the ball with a fullback and a tailback. That is a similar look, now we're under center and in the I formation. But they're going to try to run this ball, and you'll notice how much penetration, how the line of scrimmage penetrates and they then make a tackle for a loss.