San Diego High School Athlete of the Week: Sam Hussin of La Costa Canyon

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FSSD highlights the senior defensive end from La Costa Canyon High School.

- What's up, guys? It's Kelli here with the SD Sports Hub. We're here at La Costa Canyon High School to catch up with our High School Football Player of the Week, Sam Hussin.


MAN: (RAPPING) 'Cause now we taking over the game. Taking over. Yeah, we taking it over again.


MAN: (RAPPING) Now we taking over the game.

- Every day before the game, we all get together right before the game up in our meeting room, and coach sits us down, we all get on a knee, and we pray. And then coach gives us a great pre-game speech and really gets us all hyped up and ready to go.


The one song I have to listen to before playing is "Mo Bamba" by Sheck Wes. It really gets me going, gets all the boys going.

KELLI JOHNSON: Who's your favorite player in the NFL?

- Definitely I'd have to say JJ Watt. I just love his intensity, and I definitely love playing like him. We've got a lot of players stepping up, we've got a lot of boys doing their jobs. We're going to play like a team. It's going to be a lot of fun.

- One, two, three, go!

- Well, that's it for this week, you guys. Thanks for watching the SD Sports Hub. Tune in next time to find out who will be next in our high school spotlight.