Ducks players take the 90’s challenge

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Aqua, Warheads, Pop Rocks and Bop-It, what's more 90's than that?

EMILY HARLAN: Because the Ducks are celebrating their 25th anniversary, we thought we'd have some fun in the 90s. Is this true?

- Possibly.

- Are you an Aqua fan?

- Who wasn't?

EMILY HARLAN: If I was to play Aqua on my phone, would you be able to guess which it was?

- Maybe.

- Let's just go with this one.


- Barbie girl.


- That was like two seconds.

- Yeah. Yeah.

EMILY HARLAN: OK, last one.


- This is Candy Man.

EMILY HARLAN: I'm very impressed.

- We have some 90s thing here. If you would like to a 90s challenge, we have Pop Rocks here and we have Warheads here.

- Yep.

EMILY HARLAN: Or you can do the Bob It challenge.

- I'll do the warhead. Are you doing it too?

EMILY HARLAN: OK. Yes. And we're going against each other.

- Let's go with the Pop Rocks then.

- OK. We're going. Go.


- I just went right for it there.

- You did. You did. I'm impressed.


- How do you know when you break a face?

- I wouldn't take that big of a bite normally. It all kind of came out.



- I can feel like in my cheeks. This one's not-- it's done.

- Not as aggressive. You want another one?

- No.


- No, you're going like this.

- You're feeling it. You're feeling it.

- All the sour is already gone.

- You can one up all of your teammates and do all three at the same time.

- It's going to be electric in here. Oh shoot.


EMILY HARLAN: I got you.






- They're going nuts, man. It's popping in my throat.

EMILY HARLAN: You definitely showed up all of your teammates. Like, just crushed it on that. Everyone else--

- Was it worth it? No.

EMILY HARLAN: That's it. That's all we got for you today.

- Crushed it?

EMILY HARLAN: You crushed it.

- Thanks. Got some good footage?

- Yes, I think so. I think we do.