The Preview: SDSU vs. Boise State

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Rocky Long previews San Diego State's upcoming matchup with Boise State.

KELLI JOHNSON: Hey, everyone. It's Kelly with this week's preview. Coming up, the Aztecs will be taking on Boise State in the first Mountain West Conference game of the season. We caught up with SDSU head football coach Rocky Long. Here's what he had to say

ROCKY LONG: They're a very experienced, explosive team. The greatest challenge is to keep them under control on defense. And the best way to keep their offense under control is to keep them on the bench, and that means our offense has to have the ball. I think what you're seeing is that we've recruited quality athletes, guys that can play football. Since our team is so young, we won't play up to expectations maybe this year, but the next couple of years, we'll be really good. We think the Mountain West Conference is-- it's our joy in life to try to win the conference championship. So I think our team will be ready to play, and I think our team has sights on playing in the championship game. And they know how many games we have to win in conference to get that done.