Clippers beat Sydney Kings

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Clippers open up preseason with win over Sydney Kings

ANNOUNCER 1: Beverley on the wing against Wear. [INAUDIBLE] collects himself. Bogut will find no defender. Beverley for 3-- bingo, 3-ball put in by Patrick Beverley.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, I love the patience, but-- he's able to use that jab step to alleviate the defender to shoot that nice mid-range jump shot.

ANNOUNCER 1: Bowen straightaway 3-ball. Luc Mbah a Moute, thrilled to be back with the Clippers. [INAUDIBLE] in the gold and scores. Randolph, so he scored 6 quick points, here, for the game. Gilgeous-Alexander, penetrates-- a beautiful bounce kick.

And Harrell put it-- [INAUDIBLE] the way the ball is moving. [INAUDIBLE] 3-ball-- in and out. Great job by [INAUDIBLE]. It was back door but broken up nicely to Gallinari. Beautiful lead pass to Harrell-- oh, pretty play. Lou Williams into the paint to Gortat. Yes. And Gortat has 10 points.