Padres manager Andy Green talks about Joey Lucchesi, Freddy Galvis after 9-3 win

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Andy Green talks about Joey Lucchesi, Freddy Galvis after 9-3 win

- He actually-- he got the job done. It was six good innings. Didn't have his [INAUDIBLE], was kind of scatter-shot with his fastball early, but just straight-out battled them. And that's a great sign to see. A guy who's not necessarily all over it, having everything that he's used to having, still going through a first-place lineup and giving you six scoreless innings. That's actually probably more impressive than having a stuff.

So in one sense, very impressive. In another sense, there's more in him than he even showed today. So definitely pleased with the results, and pleased with the fight, and how he's been a warrior lately.

REPORTER: Is it all understated, just what Freddy Galvis has been on the field, and also in this clubhouse consistently, day in and day out?

- Yeah, he's been great for us in so many different ways. Really swings the bat well against his old team. I'm sure there's that added motivation. I used to-- he stung them a couple times through, so I'm sure he feels that a little bit more.

But he's been so consistent in the field stabilizing as a shortstop. We're the only team in baseball that hasn't carried a backup shortstop all year. That's unique, and that's because of his dependability and his consistency.

REPORTER: For Travis Jankowski, you mentioned earlier in the week if you guys win, he's always part of it. Evident today in the way he played?

- Yeah, he's great. Fun to watch, you know? It's honestly a math thing. With Arrieta's break time and his speed, it just adds up in our favor.

So he's literally just running, and doesn't even have to think much. Just take off and run. And love the steal of third, and he put pressure on them from the get-go. And teams feel that. Teams feel somebody coming at them the way he was coming at them today, and there was a lot of stolen bases.

REPORTER: Is this game kind of the epitome of a win in baseball? You did a lot of things well, but you ran yourself out of an inning. You had a bad inning defensively, but good pitching, and all the other things you did?

ANDY GREEN: Yeah, we made mistakes. I think being an aggressive club, sometimes there's going to be some mistakes. Honestly, that was-- the running out of an inning was just one of those really awkward baseball plays. Just one of the anomaly plays.

The way that kicks off the catcher, it's at an angle that the runner at third can't really read it very well. So we got ourselves in a little bit of trouble there. But I think we definitely did enough to win the baseball game.

We took walks when we needed to. We put balls in play when we needed to. Sometimes it was soft contact that scored runs, but we applied pressure on the base pass too.

REPORTER: Whatever that was running out, be it anomaly, you don't overcome that plenty of times this season. You guys are in a stretch now where you are playing that kind of baseball, right?

- Yeah, it's definitely been-- it's good to watch guys-- mistakes made, put it behind, and then go have a good rest of a baseball game. And that's definitely what happened today. It's a really good pitcher on the mound. We battled him. Obviously, Freddy's swing was a big swing for us today, but we had to put pressure on him from the beginning.

REPORTER: What does the way Freddy goes about his business mean to the rest of the guys in that clubhouse, and where is his impact maybe felt the most?

- I think for young guys to see somebody that shows up and shows up to play every single day, that knows he's going to be in the lineup, never takes a play off, is always locked in, and just consistent in that regard, I think guys respect that, appreciate that. And I think that'll start to permeate the clubhouse in time.

REPORTER: You knew when he was acquired that it was kind of a one-year, "see how it goes" kind of thing. [INAUDIBLE] pretty decent prospect at his position, but how do you-- could you potentially see him fitting in next year on the team and that?

- Yeah. We love Freddy. Love him in a Padre uniform, and all that stuff will take care of itself in due time. But as a manager, I absolutely love having him on the club.