Austin Hedges talks Jacob Nix and his home run after the Padres win

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Austin Hedges talks Jacob Nix and his home run after the Padres win

- All right, Austin, we're going to get to the home run. But it was that stolen base in the second inning that proved clutch and got the first one on the board. You don't do it often. Only your second of the year. What was going through your mind on that one?

- I mean, [INAUDIBLE] is battling right there. And he fouled a couple of pitches off. So I was pretty tired after that third attempt. But you know, to get to second there for Freddy to knock me in right there was really cool.

- You had the home in the fourth. What were you hunting for there?

- I was just looking for a fastball there. And I got it. And I was able to get a good swing on it.

- How important was it for you guys to just be aggressive early out of the gate on this one?

- Yeah, I mean, we wanted to start this home stand off hot. That's a good team over there in Philly. And you know, for Nixie go out there and help us get a win was awesome.

- Let's talk about Jacob Nix. Six scoreless innings in his major league debut. What did you see from him? And did he settle in as time went on?

- I mean, he has no nerves. He was-- he kept his composure throughout the day and throughout the game. And you know, his stuff is obviously there. And six scoreless is pretty impressive for a first big league outing.

- All right, I got to ask you. The people want to know. You've changed your walk up song. It was a long run with Careless Whisper. What went behind the decision? - It was just time. It was time to mix it up a little bit, and obviously [INAUDIBLE] has got some knocks in it, so it was cool.

- Very cool. Austin, thank you so much. Enjoy the win.