Padres manager Andy Green gives update on Wil Myers following 5-4 loss

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Andy Green gives update on Wil Myers following 5-4 loss

[MUSIC PLAYING] - No, I thought it was a really good battle from our guys. You come out on the wrong side of it. We had a lot of really good swings, a lot of really good at-bats. So they made some big plays on us late in the game. Baez made a big one. Bote made a big one at third base there at the end. Doing whatever you can to apply pressure.

I like the way the guys fought. It's a frustrating one to lose, but we had a number of things that went against us kind of all day long. And it still felt like the guys fought all the way to the last out.

REPORTER: I know you don't want to put anything on the umpires, but at the same time, that play that hit batsmen not only maybe incorrect, but cost you, later, the ability to challenge the play at the plate in the fifth. Your thoughts on that.

- Yeah, it's disappointing. You know, it's-- you're still trying to figure out what standard they're meting out in replay. Because I guess, if they can't conclusively say he hit it, I don't see how they can conclusively say he was touching first base when Hunter was called out on the overturn there.

So we've been here 1,000 times, and it's the same type of story. It's like, one time it's conclusive proof, and the next time, it's like, oh, that's close enough. So it's hard to understand what to replay at times. Our guys do the absolute best they can, and make the best decisions possible. It's equally as frustrating when they blow a call at the plate, that we know is an out, and we can't replay it at that point in time.

REPORTER: Your thoughts on Tyson's effort today.

- Tyson was solid. Big at-bat to get Happ to end his game today. You know, he-- he did a good job. You know, that's a good lineup, potent against right-handed pitching. He handled them pretty much the most of the day. The Baez home run, and then, you know, a couple of-- a nice sac fly. Outside of that, I thought he was really good.

REPORTER: Any update on Wil Myers at this point?

- He had a MRI and CT scan. I think he's got a bone bruise on his foot, no fractures. You know, he's still hobbling around today. I haven't spoken with trainers. I just read a report and, obviously, just coming in from the game. We'll circle up here and kind of determine what's the best way for Wil to move forward, and what our best choices are for him.

REPORTER: What goes into the decision to replay since it was going to take a lot to overturn it?

- Yeah. You want to believe there's conclusive proof. And you know, in that situation-- we're talking about the--

REPORTER: The hit.

- The hit by pitch. The questions you're asking are, are we certain that he's hit? And you're going off the feedback you receive back in that situation. And you know, when I look at it, I think he was hit. I got a player on the field telling me he was hit. And the information I'm getting back saying he was hit. So it's disappointing when it doesn't get overturned.

REPORTER: The contact play, when you hit right at someone, it doesn't work. And that seems to be what happens a lot for you guys. Simply a matter of you're trying to make something happen?

- You got Pedro Strop on the mound. You can leave the guy at third base, and then you're banking on the next guy getting a hit. It's a higher percentage chance, by far. Obviously, it's a risk. The guy made a very nice play.

And I wouldn't say, over the course of the year, we've been burned on, it's just-- burned by. You just remember every time it doesn't work out for you. And every time you watch, it doesn't-- like, when it doesn't work out, that's the story. That's the narrative.

When it does work out, nobody even thinks about it. So it's across the board in baseball. My expectation is 29 out of 30 teams right there would have been on contact. Closer on the mound, opportunity to score with a plus runner at third base. You're going to take that chance.

REPORTER: And you're doing it often against a quality pitcher like that. Is there anything the hitter can do?

- You want to get the ball in the air. You want to hit through the infield. I mean, Manny's trying to get the ball through the infield, and they're trying to keep him from doing that. We lost that battle there. Like I said, I love the fight overall, though.

REPORTER: Coach, your decision to have AJ bunt. Obviously, you would not have done that if Wil was your two-hitter.

- No. I wouldn't have done that there. I just thought that matchup-- it's a drop-down right. He's a tough guy. You give him one strike to take a punch at it, and he didn't-- he didn't take a swing at the first pitch.

And then lay it down, see if we can make something happen with our two best hitters in our lineup today, and the next two guys that are up. So put our 3 and 4-hole hitters an opportunity to drive in the tying run.

REPORTER: Did you see Strop's celebration?

- Yeah, I did. Beat them. That's all there is to it. I mean, like, you can do whatever you want on the field. We got to beat them.

REPORTER: Are you thinking Wil might be a DL situation before you get more information, or do you know enough, at this point?

- We need to sit down and talk. Like I said, I literally came here from the game. Read a report from a doctor, and have not spoken to Wil, to the trainers, or to anyone else, at this point in time, about it.

REPORTER: That rules out Lyles for Sunday, obviously. [INAUDIBLE].

- No, probably not, at this point in time. Yeah, he-- he won't be starting tomorrow or the next day.

REPORTER: Is Walker?

- We're still working through some things right now.