Trevor Hoffman on the reality of joining Cooperstown

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It's finally sinking in that Trevor Hoffman is a HOFer.

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Rough the mark. 500 saves for Trevor Hoffman.

- What an exciting year for you. Can you just take me through what the whirlwind has been like since you received the news?

- Yeah, the journey has been a crazy one, something I didn't really prepare for, even though you're quietly preparing. Things are starting to become real. And that reality of making sure things are taken care of at home before you leave, speeches, clothing, attire for different events, how it's going to kind of all run, and not just for one day but for three or four straight days. It's going to be a pretty intense emotional experience that, you know, I can't wait for it, but there's a part that I will enjoy when it's done to kind of look back and take a deep breath.

- And I know you were able to take a tour of the Hall of Fame. Is it crazy to imagine that you're going to be in there? It's going to be you?

- You know, they had a portion where we got to see certain artifacts and part of the exhibit. And then you kind of went through the middle part of the museum, and there was this picture of the original class and how they were standing. And there's a particular area that you can sit, and so like you're sitting with that original class. And it was-- it just boggles my mind to think of a Babe Ruth and a Walter Johnson, a Cy Young.

I mean, just to be mentioned in those names and then to actually see pictures of them, and then you're actually considered a Hall of Famer with them, it's just-- I don't know. It's going to take a while to get my mind wrapped around that.

- And you're going to be part of a very unique class just being the sixth picture that's in a reliever role to be inducted. I mean, do you wrap your head around that when you look at some of the other guys that have come before you?

- I'm really proud of the accomplishments that those guys were able to do in the game and to be part of that small selective group. I'm wondering if we have our own table. They talked about Tony going to the hitting-- the little singles hit table. You know, don't sit next to the power hitters like Hank and everybody else. And so it'll be-- I'm assuming there'll be, like, a closers table. So hopefully there'll be five guys, six guys sitting there. I'll just get another seat. So it'll be perfect.

- Perfect. That'll be fun. So you've been working on your speech. And what is that process like?

- Not been easy. Most speeches that I've given at any particular event, it's kind of bullet points. It's a skeleton, and, you know, you kind of ad lib. You kind of speak off the cuff of particular areas. And so, one, I've always kind of searched, like, how am I going to fill the amount of time? That's flipped. It's like, how am I going to condense my career into 10 minutes and then put it basically verbatim, word for word. And so that's a little bit different. The process has been fine, you know, big pillars, and work around it, and the outline set, and get it all done.