Tony Gwynn Jr. talks about Trevor Hoffman’s induction in Cooperstown

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Tony Gwynn Jr. talks about Trevor Hoffman's induction in Cooperstown

- Well it's the culmination of the 2018, the Hall of Fame inductions. And they were fantastic. The speeches were great. And now we start to realize Trevor Hoffman is in the Hall of Fame. It's official. And we were all excited about it. So we have Tony Gwynn Jr. And how fitting is it, Tony, for you? And also your dad and also the Hoffmans being able to join in that fraternity? What's that like for you?

- For me, it's special. I mean, I tell people all the time, Trevor was basically my second dad at the ball yard. So to see him go in, to see his family get to celebrate with him, I think it's awesome. It's fitting. It's fitting for San Diego and San Diegans back at home. And I know Trevor is ecstatic about it.

MARK SWEENEY: You know what? The speech was phenomenal. It was intense. I think he's going to start second guessing himself. Did your dad second guess himself as well?

- No. I think he felt pretty good about it. I mean, those guys, both my dad and Trevor, you know how meticulous they are. So there's chances are they've been spending this time on that speech for months at this point. So as Trevor said, he probably was going a little faster than he would have liked. But you get it. You know, you want to be able to make it through your speech without having just a full on meltdown up there.

So I thought his speech was perfect. I know my dad had same issues. I know Ted helped him with it, moving, kind of rearranging paragraphs so that he could make it through the entire speech. But I think that's a normal process. And I thought Trevor killed it. It was one of the better speeches, I thought.

MARK SWEENEY: I think the attendance really spoke volumes as well. Throughout baseball. But the representation of not only Bruce Bochy, the former manager, but a lot of his former teammates. And a bunch of fans from San Diego. What was your thought process with that?

- I mean, it speaks to-- and you heard Trevor mention in his speech at least seven times. It was about the teammates. His boys. I mean, to see those guys come out, to me, is just an indication of how team oriented Trevor was, and how much those guys enjoyed being around. I mean, you've been here the whole week. And you've seen these guys love Trevor.

And as much as my dad was a leader at that point, Trevor was the guy that everybody kind of rallied around. Because he was the more outgoing one. I mean, he was a little bit younger than my dad at the time. But, you heard it throughout his speech. Those type of things, he values. And you could see it by the way his teammates showed up and really showed out for him here.

- Well Tony, as you know, your dad is in the Hall of Fame now. Trevor Hoffman's in the Hall of Fame. This is tremendous, because now, they're part of the fraternity. And we know how much it means to us, as Padre fans and also people that are with the Padres. This is a culmination of a great day.