Trevor Hoffman Inching Closer to Cooperstown

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Trevor Hoffman Inching Closer to Cooperstown

MIKE POMERANZ: All about Trevor Hoffman. It's Trevor's time, that is for sure. He'll be inducted on Sunday, July 29. 18 seasons in the big leagues and 16 of them in San Diego. First guy to 500 saves. First guy to 600 saves. He finishes with 601 in his career.

A seven-time All-Star, Trevor Hoffman going in to the Hall of Fame. And a number of folks from San Diego are going to be there for it. You will be one of them. I know you've got to be very excited.

- I love the weekend. Cooperstown Hall of Fame induction weekend to me, whenever I go-- and I've been fortunate enough in the last 10 or 11 years to go almost every year-- it's, to me, the best weekend of the year because Cooperstown is everything you hear about. It's like walking back in time, small little village in upstate New York. It's all baseball.

There's none of this stuff about the business, the contracts, and the arguments over, is this guy worth this much? It's all baseball, pure baseball. It's-- it's just solid in that regard. Everybody is in a very good mood because everybody's thrilled to be there. And that starts with the Hall of Famers.

Trevor, I know he's expecting certain things, but you also don't know, I think, from their perspective until you get there just what a whirlwind it is, how emotional it is. And from the Hall of Famer's perspective, it's one thing. For others who are there, it's very cool watching them in this sit--