Should Terrell Owens be honored at the Hall of fame induction?

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Terrell Owens has hijacked the Hall of Fame induction.

- Terrell Owens. Terrell, excuse me, Terrell Owens. Terrell. Call him whatever you want, he's such a pain in the ass.

- TO.

- The Pro Football Hall of Fame will not acknowledge TO individually during enshrinement weekend. Should they take the high road, or does TO deserve this kind of treatment?

- TO drives me wild.


- He drives me wild with what he's doing now. He's been campaigning for multiple years to get into the Hall of Fame. His numbers would indicate he's a first ballot Hall of Famer, and there shouldn't have been an issue with that.

The issue the writers had is trusting TO with making him-- and declaring him-- a Hall of Famer and giving him a gold jacket. Which is more than just the statistics. They said, we trust that you are going to make other Hall of Famers look good.

And right when they did that, he said, yeah thanks. The thing I've been campaigning for, in fact, I don't really want that. I'm going to go throw my own little party, because I don't need you.

Well now the Pro Football writers are going to be-- I would imagine-- using more scrutiny when it comes to-- what's a guy going to do with this honor that's bestowed on him? Is he going to take the jacket and throw it in a pile of mud, like Terrell Owens did?

So I think partly, what they're doing and could they could have easily taken the high road, and said, we'll mention his name, and we'll do the unveiling. Even though he's not here. Could have done that-- or they could have said, we're not even going to honor you.

And we're going to show anybody who has any indication that this is how you should be acting, we're going to not give you that moment. We're going to, in fact, go the other way. And we're just going to say, you don't really exist, other than in the hall. You can come check out your statue, if and when you grow up to the point that you can be gracious for this honor.

- The biggest problem I have with what TO is doing is the disrespect to his teammates. When LaDainian Tomlinson was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, it really celebrated your career. It celebrated Mike Goff's career, it celebrated Kris Dielman's career.

- Sure.

- And for those three men that I know, it made me so happy for them, with what LT was doing. And it was celebrated with LT there. What TO is doing is, he is not acknowledging at all, what is a team sport. A team game, a quarterback that delivered him the passes. Do we have-- he may have the second most touchdown catches all time. The second most yard receptions of all time.

The offensive linemen that blocked to allow the quarterback to have the time to get him the football. The disrespect to all of them.

- However--

- Don't feel bad for them. They're probably-- they've realized--

- They probably hate TO anyway.

- --they knew this was going to happen.

- They don't want to see him there.

- And it's like, oh, TO's not using the Hall of Fame jacket like he could. Shocker.

- The one 'but' that I do have on this is, TO showed up on Sundays.

- Yeah, he was there.

- TO had all those accomplishments.

- He was there, he's got a Hall of Fame numbers.

- And the Hall of Fame isn't about, is TO a likable guy? The Hall of Fame is about what you did on Sundays.

- The Hall of Famer-- saying somebody is a Hall of Famer, it tells you their career was great. It also tells you they came into a different place than everybody else. There's plenty of great players that have played in the National Football League that aren't Hall of Famers.

Jeff Saturday will be a Hall of Fame center in the National Football League. Book it, he'll be a Hall of Fame center, guaranteed. Played under Peyton Manning. I'm a better center than Jeff Saturday was, technically speaking.

- Skillset wise.

- I was not near the teammate that Jeff Saturday was. I was not near mature as Jeff Saturday was, and probably is. He embodies a Hall of Famer, I did not. That's why guys with better careers don't get into the Hall of Fame, where guys that are Hall of Famers get into the Hall of Fame.

Terrell Owens has never embodied a Hall of Famer, he's never embodied a champion. And that's why it's disgraceful that-- and I think this is what the Hall of Fame is doing, it's like-- you don't want us? We really didn't want you. And this is a way of them saying-- all but removing the Hall of Fame from your name, because we already did that.

And we can't take it back now that we've said you're a Hall of Famer-- you're not getting anything more than a bronze head. If you come and get fitted out for the molding, or whatever they have to do, then we'll give you a spot. But we're not going any further than we absolutely have to because you've wasted this.