Could Hollywood derail LeBron’s NBA career?

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Should LeBron stay focused on his NBA career or is it time for him to start dabbling in Hollywood?

- Let me read you a couple of headlines that was circulating yesterday and this morning regarding LeBron James.

- Bronzo.

- This one from TMZ. "LeBron James Has Power Dinner with Al Pacino and Leonardo Di Caprio."

- Sweet.

- Another headline--

- Is that just a bucket list thing for him? You really wants to have any impact?

- For him or for them?

- Maybe. I think it--

- Or for me.

- Doesn't it work both ways?

- Yeah. No, it definitely was.

- You want to be a part of TMZ right there, taking the pictures.

- I'd like to have dinner with Leo.

- Fellas, you mind if I slide into the booth with you?

- Yeah, I'd be like, that was a real bear you fought, right bro?

- And Maverick Carter was with him too. So that's why the assumption is that it was a business meeting.

JUDSON RICHARDS: Then there's this headline.


JUDSON RICHARDS: "LeBron Sells Comedy Flick to Paramount, in Talks for Starring Role."


JUDSON RICHARDS: Let's not forget. Oh, boy. I think-- I think LeBron's been bitten by the Hollywood bug.

NICK HARDWICK: You think so?


NICK HARDWICK: And he's been there, like, a week. I mean, he's been with the team a week.

JUDSON RICHARDS: Yeah, why hasn't he been having meetings with any players or dinner with players? Why is it all Hollywood movie celebrity status?

- You're worried about not meeting with Kuzma, not meeting with Ball.

- A little bit.

- Has there been a meeting when Luke Walton yet? Or is everything just going to sort itself out? They'll throw the ball out in the middle of the court and LeBron's like, fellas, I got this. Just figure it out.

- Is year one just a warm-up? You know, we've seen LeBron in a movie before. This isn't anything that's completely new. Here's a little bit of a LeBron the actor in "Trainwreck."

- What I'm saying is, you gotta go for it. You need to focus if you want to take it to the next level.

- Right.

LEBRON JAMES: You have to. Like, you gotta give it everything you want if you want this one, man. It's like, when I lost the chairmanship in 2011, I worked on my game twice as hard, worked on my post-up game, and we wound up winning the championship twice.

AARON CONNERS: Yeah. Yeah. I don't feel like that applies to me. But I appreciate the thought.

LEBRON JAMES: Aaron, you gotta to take a risk.

AARON CONNERS: Yeah. No, you're right.

LEBRON JAMES: You have to. It's like when I decided to go back to Cleveland.

NICK HARDWICK: You know, you're right.

LEBRON JAMES: I wasn't totally sure they was going to welcome me back, man. But they did. They welcomed back with open arms and an open heart.

AARON CONNERS: Yeah, they did. Again--

- You know, this reminds me very much of when Eminem-- Marshall Mathers-- had the big stretch of playing a white rapper from Detroit--

- Yeah.

- --in this role that LeBron had in the movie "Trainwreck," where he played LeBron James, champion, Miami Heat, returns to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

- You gotta start somewhere, don't you?

- Sure.

- If you're getting into the acting world, they got to give you a role you can do first. If I'm going to give him any acting coaching skills here--


NICK HARDWICK: --large open mouth. Enunciate the words a little more clearly.


NICK HARDWICK: Yeah, I thought it was pretty obvious compared to the professional actor that he was not enunciating his words. He was [SLURS] together.

JUDSON RICHARDS: Than-- what was it-- Bill Hader?

NICK HARDWICK: Is that Bill Hader?


NICK HARDWICK: Yeah. You gotta start somewhere. And if he wants to be The Rock, which I think everybody--

- No, he doesn't have to start somewhere.

- You gotta start somewhere. What do you mean? He can't play basketball forever.

- Well, can he finish out his career please?

- No.

- I think LeBron--

- You gotta use it while you got it. You got the platform right now. You gotta use it while you got it. The Rock was concurrently doing movies and a WWE Superstar until the platform of being a movie star was large enough that he was able to completely put down the WWE.

JUDSON RICHARDS: LeBron is not The Rock, Nick.

NICK HARDWICK: These are lily pads. I know, but--

JUDSON RICHARDS: The Rock was already an actor as WWE.

NICK HARDWICK: That's what I'm saying. LeBron is working in that world. He's working to get to where The Rock is. The Rock makes more money in a year than any other actor. The Rock may make more money than LeBron does currently.

- We're talking about money now? LeBron's worth way more than The Rock! Can LeBron focus just a little bit longer on the main thing that we know LeBron about, and that's being a basketball player? I think Hollywood is a legitimate distraction for LeBron James.

- Not during the basketball season. There's no time for all of this during the basketball season. This is his offseason. He's got to compact it. He's got to make it condense.

- Not at his age, Nick.

- By the way, he's still training. How much do you want him to do every day? Because he's also gotta be--

- More. I want to do him more.

- He can't He can't.

- I want him to focus on being a Los Angeles Laker--

- He can't. He's getting too old.

- --not an LA socialite.

- He's got to slow-play it.

- He's been watching too much "Entourage," man.

- No, no, no. He's got to slow-play this whole thing.

JUDSON RICHARDS: So none of this--


JUDSON RICHARDS: --makes you think that LeBron--


JUDSON RICHARDS: --gravitating towards LA may not be about the brand of the Lakers, but being about the brand of being in Hollywood?

NICK HARDWICK: Oh, totally. I believe that. But I don't think it's going to--

JUDSON RICHARDS: You don't think it's a distraction.

NICK HARDWICK: I don't think, in any way, it's going to detract--


NICK HARDWICK: --from his on-court performance. No, absolutely not.

JUDSON RICHARDS: LeBron wanting to be an actor?


JUDSON RICHARDS: That, to me, is a little bit more than LeBron having a production company.

NICK HARDWICK: Have you seen him give a press conference? He's working on his acting skills on a daily basis, every interview he gives. He's on Twitter. He's on Instagram. He's working on his acting skills

LeBron's in the middle of a career transformation. When he's done with LA, he's going to be either a producer-- he may be-- like, Kobe Bryant's writing scripts now. This is where-- Steph Curry owns a production company. You know, a lot of athletes, a lot of businesses-- my agency owns, now, a production company with Aaron Rodgers. This is what athletes are doing. They're starting to take their clout that they've got and wedging themselves either into roles or into the production world. There's so much money to be had out there.