Do the Chargers have the best roster in the NFL?

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The Chargers are stacked in big names on both sides of the ball.

- I was watching the NFL yesterday.

- Not your dog. How about mine?

- On the NFL Network last night, one of the analysts-- I don't remember which one. It was one of the 37 former players who are trying out there. Says that the Chargers have the best roster in the NFL.

- Best? Number one?

- Number one. Tough to say.

- Now, they have a lot of top tier-- Melvin Ingram, Joey Bosa, Casey Hayward. I think Hunter Henry could be close in the conversation if he wasn't hurt.

- He's out. Yeah.

- A lot of people don't respect Philip Rivers.

- Keenan Allen is there.

- Keenan Allen for the wide receiver position.

- Melvin Gordon you could throw in the mix, although he hasn't really had a breakout year. He's been successful, but he hasn't been a star yet.

- Would you even give them the best roster in the AFC West?

- On one side of the ball. I'll give it to them on the defensive side of the ball.

- You would?

- Yep. Their front line on the defensive side of the ball-- not the defensive line, but their front, their starters.

- But you said that you thought the Chiefs defense has gotten better.

- They have gotten better, but they're not what the Chargers are. No. They don't have Bosa. They don't have Ingram. They don't have Heyward. They don't have Trevor Williams. They don't have Jason Verrett. Derwin James, throw him in the mix.

So you've got all of that that you can play off of. By the way, Jahleel Addae is better, and he's playing a safer game than he once played.

- Thank god.

- Yeah, because he was a hazard to himself and his teammates. Guy was an absolute--

- Friendly fire everywhere.

- Whack job. What about the linebacker corps?

- Linebackers, they're OK. Denzel Perryman, if he can stay healthy, he's a good run stopper. But as our guy Warren Sharp told us yesterday, pass defense is where it's at. Pass defense determines success four times more than run defense. So the Chargers were bad at stopping the run last year. They were good at stopping the pass, which allowed them a little bit more success.

They've got to do a better job at taking care of the football, especially in the critical games. You look at losing two big ones to the Chiefs last year, and I think you had seven interceptions thrown in those two games alone.

- My take for best roster in the NFL-- Rams.

- That's kind of easy.

- Probably the Rams.

- Isn't that kind of easy? It is. Easy and right.

- Yeah. I don't have them as the best team in the NFL. But from an assembly of parts--

- We'll see how they sum together. But as far as individuals are concerned, they are top notch.

I like the Eagles. I like their offensive line better than I like the Rams offensive line. I like the Chiefs. Going back to the AFC West, as far as the offenses are concerned, I like the Chiefs offense better than I like the Chargers offense. I think they're faster, they're more athletic. And I think if they can put their offensive line in the positions and use them like the Eagles use their offensive line, I think they can be the best O-line in the AFC West.

- Who's your three and four in the AFC West roster depth wise? I would probably have to put the Broncos at four. A lot to do with the quarterback position.

- I'm going Oakland, because I like their O-line. They've got some good skill position guys. And then I'm going to go Broncos at the bottom.

- Broncos at the bottom?

- Broncos at the bottom. They've got some guys. They don't have a whole lot any longer. That thing has absolutely derailed.