A Proud Hand Family

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Brad Hand's family will uplift him no matter what happens on the field.

BASEBALL ANNOUNCER: Marte strikes out, and the Padres win. Brad Hand able to strike out Marte, hits up the save, and the Padres in a dramatic come-from-behind 8-7 win.

NARRATOR: By 2017, Hand had earned the Padres' closer role. He saved 21 games and earned an invitation to the all-star game at his former home field in Miami.

- I mean, any time you get to represent the team that you're playing for in the all-star game's special. That's something that you'll be able to live with the rest of your life.

- What a thrill to be honored like that. For the season he was having was really special, undescribable, really. So we had a bunch of family down there for that week, which was really enjoyable, and just had a great time.

They really put out the red carpet for the players and the family.

NARRATOR: Brad's family now consists of his wife Morgan, daughter Lila, and son Kyler. And of course his parents, who have been along for his bumpy ride, now that it's started.

- And my parents are very special to me. I wouldn't be here today without everything that they did for me growing up. Couldn't be more grateful for what they did for me.

- Obviously very proud, but I'm also proud of the fact that he hasn't changed. You know, he's still Bradley to us. And the type of husband he is, and father, just really makes me just as proud.