A simple mentality from Wil Myers has aided him in hot stretch

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Myers' simple mentality has aided him in hot stretch

- Obviously one of the big stories the last few days has been Wil Myers, who's been on fire. Five home runs in the last three games, which ties an organizational record previously set by Nate Colbert in 1972. And Brian Giles also did it in 2007. So the natural question is, is he doing something different? Is he doing something new? Well, actually, no. Less can be more. Andy Green explains.

- It's simple. Simple's great, simple's great for every single hitter in the game. Thrilled with where he is mentally right now and wouldn't look to complicate it at all. So to call it some new mindset, I wouldn't run there. I just think he's in a simple frame of mind. And he's attacking well and doing well. And we're pleased with that.

He's definitely in a good spot right now. I think we're thrilled with that. I think we're thrilled with the way he's approaching the games, and understanding that everyone gets that, like baseball, you're going to handle failure if you're going to be great. And he's walking through the chapters of games really well right now mentally. And we love that.

- It's fun when you talk to Will. He doesn't want to talk about being hot right now. He is just very calm. In spring training, the key word that he used to describe his approach coming into this season was slow. He wanted to slow everything down with his body and he's obviously done that with his focus as well. He has been locked in. He's committed to his process. So he's keep it simple, guys, and it's certainly working.

- Yeah.