The Padres are struggling in series openers in 2018

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The Padres are 23-30 in serie sopeners this season.

- The problem is-- remember we gave Rocky Long the advice? 'Cause Rocky had been to five Padre games, and they'd lost all five. And Rocky is very superstitious, and he likes the Pads. He says, I can't go anymore. Now my guess is that Rocky is going to the first games of series. The Padres have dropped 23 of 30 first-game series they have played this year. I got that right, right? 23 of 30.

- 23 of 30.

- They're 7 and 23.

- Yes.

- Why, Nick?

- First games of series. Yeah, 23 of 30. So when you first hear that, what was the reaction?

- It was better than I thought it was.

- You're like, wow, that's not that bad. It's like, dude, 23 of 30 they've dropped the opening game of the series.

- Honestly, I thought it was like 2 and 30.

- 'Cause they're not there. They're just-- they're not there. They don't have--

- The first one's so difficult.

- Dude, look at the lineup. Look at the lineups that you're throwing out there, and go tit for tat with any team, even sometimes backup guys that are filling in roles. Look at the Dodgers' lineup. What are they supposed to do?

That's the feeling I had walking into Petco yesterday. I was like, I'm really excited to be here. I just like being around people, love being at the ballpark. It's summer. The boys of summer are doing their thing. It's awesome.

But you're walking in amongst Dodger fans, and it's like, say, as a Padre you even sweep four games from the Dodgers here. Say you go on a four-game sweep, and you beat Clayton Kershaw, and you feel really good. And it's like, wow, we're happy. You can't gloat. You can't feel that good about yourself because you know over the 162, everything is gonna even out, and the Padres are gonna finish--

- Well, you can pop off a little bit.

- --15 games under .500. Kind of.

- Just pop off and run.

- Kind of. But that was the thing. It was like, you wanna go in, and you wanted to be competitive. And it's like, I kinda wanna put my blinders on. But you can't. You just know you're overpowered. It's like, I can't really give it to a Dodger fan. What am I gonna say? What are they, 39 and 54? They're 15 games under .500 at this point in the season, 90 games into this deal. It's unbelievable.