Should MLB Games End in a Tie?

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Maybe ending in a tie is not a bad idea in the MLB.

COMMENTATOR 1: Yeah, so how do you change it?

COMMENTATOR 2: I'd like to start the guy on second base in the 10th.

COMMENTATOR 1: Do you want there to be a final inning?

COMMENTATOR 2: I think 11. I think two extra-- two extra's enough.

COMMENTATOR 1: Why not just make it the 10th?

COMMENTATOR 2: Eh, two extra's enough. It gives you an opportunity. It's like playing two 15-minute quarters in soccer. Or what would you call those, two 15-minute periods, I guess, in soccer? You would call them in extra time or in overtime.

COMMENTATOR 1: So you would have ties?



COMMENTATOR 2: Yeah, like hockey has ties.

COMMENTATOR 1: And it's interesting, when you look at the standings, standings does have a winning percentage put up next to it.


COMMENTATOR 1: So you would be able to still have your winning percentage with the ties if you were going by winning percentage about who was the best [INTERPOSING VOICES].

COMMENTATOR 2: And if you have ties, you would have to go based on a point system. So hockey awards more points to the winning team in shootouts. And if you do go to shootouts, then you still get a point, you still end up in the positive. And if you lose, you get no points. So there would have to be something like that. It would have to be like one for the win, half for the extra innings, or half for the tie, I guess, you would split it, and then zero.