Mannin’ the grill with Orsillo and Jankowski

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Mannin' the grill with Orsillo and Jankowski

- All right, Don and Travis, so today you guys were here grilling up things at Pirch. How much fun was it for you guys to do this together today.

- Oh, I had a great time. This was awesome. I really enjoyed it. I get to use some new stuff that I've never used before, and it was fun. It was great. It was great seeing all the Padres fans coming out to see us. So it was a lot of fun.

- Now, how do you think you did as his right-hand guy?

- I think Don kind of mastered that grill right there. We got we-- got the guy who used to whip up the burgers. So I was kind of there if he needed a spatula or anything like that. [INAUDIBLE] mingling with the great people who came in today.

- So obviously 4th of July is here. Would you say you're the one manning the grill? Or is it not you clearly?

- It's definitely not me.

- I'll probably be manning the grill a little bit. I enjoy it. I mean, it's fun for me. It's like, you know, downtime during the season, I just enjoy cooking a lot, so especially the grill and being outside. It's great, especially in San Diego.

- So what's your go-to barbecue food?

- I actually go a lot with fish. I do a lot of salmon. Salmon's probably the best thing I do on the grill, I would say, for the most part, and veggies.

- What would your go-to food be?

- Something that obviously I didn't cook, something that, you know, my wife helped me with, something like that. But 4th of July we like to keep it with burgers, hot dogs, sausages, stuff like that, just, you know, hearty American food.

- No, I want to point out he has this fancy apron here.

- This, yeah, my own. I thought I brought it today because I had a feeling I was going to need it. I'm glad I did because I did. So it worked out.

- So what does he need to do to finally get his own his apron? What skill set does he need to gain?

- Oh, I'm going to get him one. That's my plan is to buy him one. That's what I'm going to do next because he's really good at this actually. He's really-- he kind of understated how good he was at this.

- Oh, so he's giving himself a hard time. He's been a tougher critic?

- Yeah. Ho, he's pretty close to being a chef, very, very close.

- Thanks, Don.

- Yeah, not problem.

- Well, I think the next step is you have invite Travis over for some cooking lessons,

- You got it. I have no problem. That can be done. And I'm going to get him an apron too while we're at it.

- Awesome. Well, thank you so much, guys. This was fun today. I appreciate it.

- Thank you, Lisa.