Padres first-round pick Ryan Weathers introduced at Petco Park

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Ryan Weathers introduced at Petco Park

ANNOUNCER: With the seventh selection of the 2018 MLB draft, the San Diego Padres select Ryan Weathers.

AJ PRELLER: For us, you know, a really exciting day-- being able to announce the signing of Ryan, our first round pick-- to hope continue adding to our farm system-- what we're trying to build. We feel like he has a chance to move through the system fairly quickly. We're gonna challenge him. We're gonna push him. But I think he's gonna-- he's gonna push a lot of players in our system as well. So we're very excited to have him here today.


RYAN WEATHERS: Ever since I'm able hold a baseball, my lifelong dream has been to be professional baseball player-- but not just be a professional player, be a big league player. The decision to go pro instead of going to Vanderbilt-- for the Padres drafting high, it shows that they really care about me, and they're really in it for my best interest. And it's a big deal for me.


My dad, that played that many years in the big leagues and showed me the ins and outs of baseball, is a huge deal.

DAVID WEATHERS: I'm from the earn-it school. I've always tried to get in the background and get in the shadows because, you know, this was his career. This is his time. And I want him to earn it. And I'm just, you know, excited for Ryan-- that he's a baseball player. That's the biggest thing for me-- is he gets his opportunity.

RYAN WEATHERS: Having him anytime I can call him and ask him questions about baseball, you know, that's a big thing to have in your back pocket.

DAVID WEATHERS: Our whole family is-- is competitors. You know, we have trouble playing cards at home. Padres saw what I saw when he was 15 years old. Man, this kid just wants to be out there get after it.

RYAN WEATHERS: The Padre fans-- they should expect a competitor that's always gonna go out there and give them 110%.