Austin Hedges talks about Lucchesi’s performance following the win

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Austin Hedges talks about Lucchesi's performance following the win

- Austin, a run scored by you tonight. Credit to you and Matt Szczur for setting the table for Will. How nice was it to get the offensive going early and also see Will have such a productive night?

- Yeah, we're so excited to have Will back. I mean, he's been such a contributor for us. And, you know, he put some good swings on the ball today. And we were just glad to get on base for him.

- You had the best seat in the house for Joey Lucchesi-- five innings pitched, one hit, no runs. What was your approach with him tonight? And how do you think he did?

- Just trust himself. He used his fastball to both sides of the plate. He's got a really unique change-up that he can use at any time. And that's what he did. And he just-- he's going in confidence every outing. And I've been very impressed with him.

- Credit to you for some nice defense behind the plate, but also that infield of yours, Freddy Galvis, Christian Villanueva with some nice put outs. What are you thinking when you see them make those acrobatic plays like that?

- You know, it's not surprising to me. They put the work in every single day. And when they make those plays, I mean, they're incredible. But we've come to expect it from them. They're so amazing out there. And I know our pitchers love having them behind them.

- Awesome. Thank you so much. Enjoy the win. Bob back to you.