Andy Green ‘frustrated’ after club’s 8th loss in last 9 games

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Andy Green 'frustrated' after club's 8th loss in last 9 games

- Yeah, it's frustrating. They missed it. I think it's obvious to anybody that's seen the film that they missed it. It's one of those things, like you should be 100% sure if you're overturning a call at the plate. Supposedly, all three of them saw it the same way. It's hard to understand how three people saw something that didn't happen the same way.

And that situation's not reviewable. There's no real recourse. The only recourse, your guys go get thrown out. And at that point in time in the game, that wasn't what I was wanting to do. So it's a frustrating overturn on an obvious call.

We had chances though. We had some plays we could've made, that we didn't make. And you know, it's one of those innings that flat out got away from us. We haven't really experienced many innings like that this year. But that inning, in particular, got away from us.

REPORTER: Those defensive plays by Renfroe on Span-- do you just-- like you said, just mental errors? Haven't had a lot of them all year.

- I think probably wind out there. I mean, you saw the pop-up that Freddy made a great catch on late. This can be a tough park with wind. You still gotta get behind the baseball. Hunter drifted the whole way. Cory just didn't-- he was trying to glove flip it. That's a little bit of a tougher play in that situation.

But I think Hunter drifting back there-- he's better than that and capable of making that play. And he didn't get behind the baseball, find the wall. And that was part of that inning that really cost us.

REPORTER: Joey Lucchesi didn't appear to be too taxed that whole time. How'd you think he did?

- He was great, you know? It's one of those tough things-- you're managing a guy's career as much as you are a baseball game at that point in time. He wanted to go back out there. I'd love to send him back out there. He's thrown 50 pitches just coming back off of injury. That's the most he's thrown. He's at 70 right now. To me, he wasn't quite stretched out enough to send him back out there for the fifth inning.

And it's tough, because we do have a taxed bullpen. A lot of those guys have been used a lot. But we said it from the beginning-- we're gonna take care of a lot of our young guys. And Joey's one of our young guys. And we're gonna put him in a position to be successful for his career and not just tonight. But I think, all in all, today was a really good outing for him. And one we wish we could have extended him on.

REPORTER: Andy, I think you've used as many relievers over these past few games as you had in a stretch. So you've been saying they haven't been taxed, and now you're-- even before the game, you didn't want this to happen. This was about as worst case scenario.

- It was tough. It was tough in the sense that-- the game two days ago when Jordan got hurt, that one hurt us. Because it put José Castillo out of commission for the next two days. He's fine. He's healthy. But he had thrown three consecutive games. A young kid-- we're gonna give him two days off. So he wasn't available today.

Kirby Yates-- after throwing two innings yesterday. We had a lot of guys kind of in the unavailable column today. So we were working as best we could to get through that. And the way those first couple innings went, after we took Lucchesi out, was tough on the bullpen.

REPORTER: The guys that were out there, I mean, do you feel like it's starting to catch up? That that's at least possible?

- I think those guys are good and plenty capable of, like, getting the job done. And in Craig Stammen's case, he'd probably punch the guy out and get a fly ball that should've been caught. And then there's no real damage in that inning. After that, I think the cumulative effect of the pitches he's thrown over the course of the season, yesterday as well and coming into today, I'm sure he's feeling a little bit right now. But Craig's as tough as anybody.

And Adam Cimber's been used a lot. So I think you look up at this point in time and these guys have been used a lot. And they've been outstanding all year long. And today wasn't the greatest. But I could probably point to a couple of things if we had done-- or gotten a call and made a play-- it's not even a bad outing for Craig.

REPORTER: On the ball that Guzman hit to Renfroe, this place-- the ball really carries to right when the wind's blowing in. I mean, that's not a routine fly ball, is it, when it gets under like that?

- To me, the height of it, it is. I mean, it's a catch that he's gonna tell you he should make and a catch he believes he can make and a catch that he's made plenty of times. And he's well aware, very cognizant of how well the ball travels here to the right field. And, you know, something that we made a point to talk about and he was talking about in BP as he was launching balls that way. So I know Hunter carries the expectation that he can make that play. And we believe that about him.

REPORTER: Certainly. He's made a number of plays, just recently, since you've been giving him regular time in right, where he's a good defender.

- He's plenty capable of that play. He can get that done.