Will Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard be traded?

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Will Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard be traded?

- --heard on that front.

- They started out, that 12 games start, you referred to Mike, best start in franchise history. And new manager Mickey Callaway was being hailed as a genius. And then, like you said, the Mets became the Mets.

So the question becomes, is this a team that should hit the reset button? And if they do-- they've played it close to the vest so far, there's no strong indication from the Mets. But the rest of the industry is and watching them closely.

Jacob deGrom, like Brad Hand, under team control for another couple of years. If they were to trade deGrom, the thinking is they could get a four or five, six point package back that could really jumpstart a rebuild. And deGrom, of course, right there with Max Scherzer almost, this year, is one of the best pitchers. He would be a key difference maker. Syndergaard, I'm not so sure.

- Yeah. Syndergaard to me is one of those guys that's an injury risk. From last year to this year, continuing to have that injury risk.

Jacob deGrom, since Dave Eiland, the new pitching coach came over, and also Mickey Callaway, the manager, both pitching background guys. They have made a difference in Jacob deGrom. Obviously, he's the one going out and executing his pitches. But he's throwing in more, which Dave Eiland is influencing.

And you're starting to see a guy that really is that number one guy. It is a Max Scherzer type of talent. And when you have that ability to go out there and get them you're going to have to overpay.

I was just going to ask you that. If it's going to be an overpay it's going to be like that a Aroldis Chapman kind of deal that we'd seen. Football people from our age would probably think of the Herschel Walker trade. Because you're going to have to give up a lot to get him.

I don't care if it's a reliever-driven sport or game right now. He's going to fetch a haul, don't you believe for--

- No question. Herschel Walker-- And Chapman is a great example, guys, because-- in fact, a scout mentioned that to me in relation to Brad Hand. Somebody with knowledge of the discussions with the Nationals said, the Padres are looking for a Gleyber Torres for Aroldis Chapman type of deal. And if you're the Padres, you have to think, why not ask for the moon?

And it's that way with the New York Mets, as well, deGrom. You start high and-- hey, the advantage is you have him under team control, reasonable contract for another two years. So if you don't get what you want there's no burning issue to move him.

- I think if you're a National League team you take a chance at this because not only is he familiar with the National League, but listen, you need a difference maker. The National League is down this year, the American League is superior, in my opinion.

So if you're going to look for that marquee guy, and you have the ability to go get him, you do it this year because that's an opportunity to get to the World Series.