Andy Green talks about Ross, recent offensive struggles after loss

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Andy Green talks about Ross, recent offensive struggles after loss

ANDY GREEN: And Tyson was great. You can't ask for anything more from him. He's been so good for us all season long. He did everything right today. Gave us a real opportunity to win the game. Thought he reached back for more velo than he has for a while. Like, he knew when he want to get some, and he'd reach back for it, and it was there. And I thought he was just great start to finish for us.

Offensively, we had really one chance when we threatened. Ran through a stop sign. Took away that one opportunity that way.

Outside of that, we didn't do much offensively against Bumgarner. I think we've swung well against him in the recent past. He changed today for us. There was a lot of off-speed thrown a lot more than I've ever seen him throw, and a different type of mix than he's ever thrown, and a different way of attacking. And caught us off guard. And he did a nice job.

REPORTER: Was Pirela-- was that baserunning just a mental error? What was that?

- Yeah, you know, the one thing you love about José is he leaves out on the field every single day. He's hard effort, max effort all the time. And you love that. You don't want to ever take that away.

But when you see a stop sign, you just got to turn that off. And that's really what that comes down to. And he hadn't done that in the two years we've had him or three years we've had him. He's not that type of player. He's going to stop when he sees a stop sign. He made an overaggressive mistake today. And that overaggressive mistake kind of ran us out of our one opportunity to score.

REPORTER: What do you think is the biggest difference between Tyson now and the last time you saw him?

- Health. Distance from injury. I think he's been-- you mean, just like this outing as opposed to the last outing?

REPORTER: No, no, no as opposed to 2016--

- Two years ago.

REPORTER: --2017--

- Yeah.

REPORTER: --even before then.

- Yeah, when he's healthy, I just-- he throttles better than he used to. I think there's a point in time where he's pitching at the same velocity the entire game, and he's throwing 89, 90, 91. And then when he needs to reach back for more, he goes and finds it. And that ability to throw fastballs of varying speeds is tough on hitters, because he's locating to 89, 90, 91. He's cutting the ball when he wants to and he's burying the slider like he always has.

So I just think it's a more mature pitcher. He was an All-Star pitcher then, so it's saying a lot. But he's grown. And he's worked incredibly hard to get back to where he is.

REPORTER: What's the thinking behind when he kind of amps up the velocity? Is it really just-- I mean, he's got to kind of harness it, and he only has so much in the tank, and he knows when to use it?

- I don't know that he only has so much in the tank. He just locates effectively at 90 to 91 pretty consistently. And then when he gets to two strikes in certain counts and feels the need, he wants to go up with the fastball and he wants more velocity to do that, he just-- he reaches for it and finds it.

So that keeps people off balance. You're really adjusting to multiple speeds in fastballs, cutters, sliders. So he threw a great game today. Definitely deserved a better fig.

REPORTER: Why do you think Bumgarner went to that off-speed, heavy mix? Is there anything that you think he saw?

- I think we've had decent at-bats. And this game is a game of adjustments. When we've faced him in the past, I should say, we've had good at-bats. And we've had a lot of guys able to jump his fastball. And we've hit some home runs against him, where other teams necessarily haven't.

I think he just made an adjustment today coming in. And it was obviously a conscious adjustment that we noticed early. We didn't adjust back to it. And we're going get back out there tomorrow and take some good swings.

REPORTER: You thought he was throwing well even coming into this, coming off the injury. Was that just more of the same from him today as far as his sharpness?

- Yeah, I think today he was obviously sharper. The pitch mix was just noticeably different today.