Green on Padres injuries: Myers and Hedges ‘feeling good’, Cordero shut down

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Green on Padres injuries: Myers and Hedges 'feeling good', Cordero shut down

- Thanks, Don. It's brief but it is fun. Why? Because it's interleague play. It's something different for the fans.

But don't forget, it's something new and different for the players as well. And it has some unique challenges in terms of scouting a team that you just don't get to see very often. Here's Andy Green on some of those nuances and what he expects to see against this Oakland A's ball club.

- When you dive into them, their particulars, they've got some really good arms in their bullpen. And you've got to get to their starters, the power bats. Don't do a lot offensively from a manufacturing of runs perspective, not a ton of stolen bases, not a ton of hit runs. Doesn't mean they can't do those things. It's just not customary for them.

And as always, when you face AL opponents in NL ballparks you want to try to pressure their pitchers when they're in the batter's box. You never really know how all of them are going to swing. But you have a good idea of who you can pressure and who you should.

REPORTER: That's a little bit redundant but would we like to get an update on the deal, guys. What's going on?

- Will is set to play again tonight in El Paso. He's been feeling pretty good. Austin Hedges also set to play again tonight in El Paso. I've been getting good reports there as well Phil Maton's strong. Colin Ray pitched yesterday. Results weren't great.

Franchy was shut down day before yesterday. He took a swing, felt something in his elbow again. Went and saw Dr. ElAttrache today. We're working through the details of what that entails going forward. And probably here in the next 24 hours, we'll be able to walk through that a little bit more completely than we care to right now.

It stinks to say that he's off his rehab assignment right now. And it's highly unlikely we're going to see him any time soon.

REPORTER: And Joey Lucchesi?

- Joey is set to pitch for us tomorrow. So he's back. He's around today and he'll be activated to start tomorrow's game.

- There's the good news we've been waiting for over a month, Joey Lucchesi back in the starting rotation. We haven't seen him since March 14 when he injured his hip. Now the good news is he went four innings in his last rehab start. That was four days ago in Lake Elsinore. Four innings, no runs, six strikeouts in that outing.

Now he was scheduled to pitch today but of course, we just heard the good news. He's not going to have another rehab start. He's going to start for the Padres tomorrow.

Remember, he had a streak of five consecutive outings of five innings or more. And Andy said that he's expecting to try to get five innings out of Joey again when he returns tomorrow.

So Mark, Mike, good news. Back over to you.