Steve Finley shares his favorite Trevor Hoffman memory

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Steve Finley shares his favorite Trevor Hoffman memory

[MUSIC PLAYING] ANNOUNCER: Trevor Hoffman earned his first save as a Padre on August 6, 1993. He would earn three saves with the Padres that year. And when 1994 began, Hoffman had earned the role of Padres' closer.


ANNOUNCER: Hop to second. Bip Roberts throws on, and the Padres have their first victory of the '94 season. A 4-0 shut-out, as Trevor Hoffman is congratulated. What a pitching job by Scott Sanders. Hoffman finishing it up in fine fashion.


ANNOUNCER: Trevor's resume very important to note, as we all have. If you check out, Mark Sweeney's going to be there for the Hall of Fame weekend. Obviously Steve Finley will be there as well. We talked about that. Your favorite Trevor pitching story.

- Well, we were just talking about that. In '95, when I came over here-- I wouldn't call it maybe my favorite pitching story. But it was pretty telling of who Trevor was.

He came he came into a game to close. He was the closer. And it was a 1-run game. He threw a fastball in to one of their hitters. I don't remember who the hitter was. The guy took him deep to tie the ballgame up.

I remember after the game-- I think we won that game. And then after the game, he said, I'm never, ever going to put myself in that position again to throw a fastball in to a guy with a 1-run game. And he never did. He always pitched away in those situations. When if it was a 2-run game he would do it. Always, in a 1-run game, you could bank on it. It was away.

- Wow. That's interesting. Trevor Hoffman, a phenomenal guy. Hall--