Freddy Galvis providing stability for the Padres at the shortstop position

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Freddy Galvis providing stability for the Padres at the shortstop position

- We thought we'd take a closer look at Freddy Galvis because he's played so well, especially recently. You know he came with a great glove. He's just a lifetime .245 hitter. He comes in hitting .242.

But recently offensively, especially the last month, he's streaky. And he's on a good streak right now.

STEVE FINLEY: Well it is. An offense usually goes in streaks for hitters like Freddy. And right now he is hot. And 13 RBIs here in June.

But one thing that is consistent is the defense. And that's kind of what you need out of him. If he gives you good offense like he did last night, it's a big bonus. But teams need strength up the middle, and that's what he really provides, that stability at shortstop on an everyday basis.

MATT POMERANZ: We'll talk about the defense a little bit more in a moment. But I want to get one more thought from you on the offense and what it is that makes a hitter streaky. And is that just who you are? Will that define his career? Or is it something you can work through?

- Well, if you're a .242 hitter it means your bat's not staying maybe in the zone long enough or you have a little bit of a mechanical flaw sometimes. It just doesn't allow you to have as many opportunities as someone who, say, hits .300.

And you kind of rely on streaks like that. And that's probably why he's hit .242. He played in Philadelphia, which was a very good hitters ballpark. But being in San Diego you've got to be a line drive hitter, and that's kind of what he is.

And he's going to run in streaks, and right now he's hot. And it's really hard to say why it is. I haven't studied his swing enough to go, this is his flaw.

But when you're a .242 career hitter, you do have a flaw in your swing that teams kind of go after. And when they make the pitch, they get you out. When they don't--

- Yeah, you see a month like he's having right now. As you pointed out, he's hitting .280. And he's had himself 5 for 5 night just a game ago. So hopefully he stays hot today.

Now back to the thought on defense. We knew coming in this was a glove-first guy. Larry Bowa-- former manager for him, and also with the Padres, as you know-- calls him one of the best defenders in all of baseball. He's special, though, for a couple of reasons, isn't he?

STEVE FINLEY: Well, he just really gives the pitchers a lot of confidence that they can get behind in the count and still throw the ball out there and Freddy's going to gobble it up. And he makes a lot of difficult plays look very easy. And he just is a calming influence on the infield.

I saw it in spring training. The moment he got here he grabbed all the young Latin players and, with a big smile on his face, went out there and started mentoring them at shortstop and telling them different ways play the game and how to get better. That's teaching the guys that are coming after your job, and that's just the way he plays.

And he has that same influence in the clubhouse. He comes to the park with a smile every day. That's the way he goes about the game.

And it's a pleasure having him the shortstop, because San Diego's really looked for that calming influence at short for the last couple of years, and they haven't had it. Now they got it, and you can see the difference.

- Yeah, nice to see Galvis, too, just 28 years old. No disrespect to Erick Aybar who, in his day, was a very good shortstop. Last year, though, kind of on the back end of his career and the range was clearly not as evident as it is with Freddy Galvis.

It's time now for our Just For Men Just Freddy Galvis player profile. Hitting .333 over the last seven ballgames-- three doubles, couple of home runs, and nine RBI. And you see that fielding percentage. That's his calling card. And that is your Just For Men Just Freddie Galvis player--