The Padres playing above expectations so far

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How have the Padres performed against expectations in 2018?

- There is that urgency that I think really is missing with a lot of teams that like you said, don't have a chance or are listless at this point in the season. There's plenty of them out there in Major League Baseball. I got a problem with that.

- We're going to get, we're going to get to that.

- I just, I'm just I'm a fan of looking at a team in mid June in a town that hasn't really had this sort of urgency or interest taking this as seriously as they are. Because I don't think the expectation was for them to do so.

- No.

- I don't think anybody really honestly, to start the season, cared if they would.

- I don't think they expected at the beginning of the season to be--

- Perhaps true.

- Of the mindset that they are right now. And to me, this is the intangible that you get when you bring in guys like Eric Hosmer and a Freddie Galvis, who bring the energy and play. Freddy has such a childlike demeanor to him.

- Galvis is my favorite player on the field right now.

- I'm signing him up for at least two more years. I need more Freddy Galvis in my life. I love what he does. And what the words you said were, they're in the moment. They get lost in the moment when they're playing right now. And I think if you're going to be successful in anything, you've got to get lost in your moments.

You can't, it can't be work. It has to be play. It's got to be fun. Yes, it is work and they are getting paid for it, but the way they're approaching the game seems different to me. And it's guys like Freddy Galvis who are going out with a real youthful exuberance. Jumping over the stripe on the way out there. Every time he throws the ball, he's falling down. I see that in my back yard all the time.

- With Ted.

- Teddy, every time he throws the ball, he wants to fall down and watch it, like that was cool. Freddy has that thing about him where it just looks so fun, and it's infectious.

- Yeah.

- So if I'm the Pads, I'm signing up Freddy Galvis for another couple years. And I know we're waiting on Fernando Tatis and everybody expects him to be sooner rather than later. But I get very leery when letting go of a guy like Freddy. They let go of the fun party last year with on here Yangervis Solarte, And people in Toronto absolutely love Yangervis. He's having a great year, because he's having a great time.

- Yeah, well and also he's a good player. I mean, you know, about a 280 hitter. He's a guy who celebrates in the base path. He brings what baseball needs more of to the game. And honestly, this clubhouse really wrapped their arms around him, because Andy Green's a type of manager who allows for that sort of energy to transpire and to be sort of contagious like you mentioned.

844-570-1360. Have you bought into the Padres? Because I can hear it in your voice. It feels like there's belief here. It feels like in this room right now, there's two guys who are looking at what they've done so far to this point in this season, and we're talking about the Padres in June with a chance. And it's difficult to remember the last time this has happened. And so--

- Two months ago for me, it was not belief, it was suspension of disbelief. It was like going to a movie that I know wasn't going to give me a great plot or a great storyline, but I'm going to the movie with the ones I love and we're going to have a great time. I took the boys to go see the new Rock movie, "Rampage." Come on. I knew it wasn't--

- You knew what you were signing up for.

- I knew what I was signing up for, I knew there was a giant crocodile and a huge wolf and a gorilla that was going to climb up a building. And it was going to be just a bunch of destruction. And it was going to be fun. I was under the belief two months ago when I was going to the Pads' game, that I was going for the experience of just being with my kids and sitting there and having popcorn and chanting and singing songs and really trying to get into.

But I had to suspend my disbelief, because I knew what was on the field wasn't a great product. They've gotten me to believe more in what they're doing right now. I love the way they're playing. It's a lot of fun.