Raffy Lopez: ‘We might be young, but we have a lot of good players’

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Raffy Lopez: 'We might be young, but we have a lot of good players'

- Raffy is with Annie as well. Annie?

- Thanks, Mike. Raffy, five consecutive series wins for you guys. That hasn't happened since 2010. What's been the difference right now for this team through this winning stretch?

- I mean really, we're not doing much different. We're just preparing the same. We're working hard. We're having fun with each other.

It's just a great team atmosphere. Everyone picks each other up. So really, it's just go out there, play ball, and let the rest take care of the rest.

- What's been the mentality in this clubhouse, just knowing that you guys are going to be able to come out here and get it done each day, believing in the guy next to you?

- Yeah, we have a lot of good players. I mean, we might be young, we might be a little inexperienced, but we have the right amount of veterans and our young guys got a decent amount of talent-- more than a decent amount.

And really, it's just preparation and then just go out there and play.

- Eric Lauer-- we talked about it. He's been up and down this season. He seemed to have a better command on the mound today, especially through those first five innings. How did you think he did?

- I thought he did great. You know, he stuck to the game plan. He had a, I think, just firm belief in every pitch. Just a ton of conviction.

And you know when you have that, even if-- I mean, he had his stuff today, but even if you don't have your stuff, you can get by just making some pitches.

And he did an unbelievable job making pitches the whole game-- kept them off balance, and I think he just trusted what Balsley's been talking to him about, and even what me and AJ been trying to hammer away with.

- Jose Castillo-- four strikeouts in a row for him. What's he bringing on the mound right now?

- He's one of the best left-handers I've seen. He's really talented. I've never seen a guy that young with that much confidence. And a very good slider, very good fastball, and he can locate. So a recipe for some tough things for the hitters.

ANNIE HEILBRUNN: And finally, you've got some family here. They're watching you right now. Who do you have, and how much fun was this to get the win in front of them tonight?

- It was really awesome. Staying at home, hanging out with the dogs, hanging with the wife-- so my wife is here and like 20 of her friends from residency. So all these doctors get a little rest and relaxation. So it's good to see them.

- Raffy, thank you so much. Enjoy the win.

- All right. Thank you.

- Mike, back to you.