Andy Green on Eric Lauer ‘finding himself’ in the majors

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Andy Green on Eric Lauer's adjustment in pitching to Major League hitters

- I think every person who comes up and tries to find themselves at the big league level, when they get hit for the first time they take a step back and go wow, well, what's different. And then they check inside themselves and they find the resolve and then they take a step forward. I think he's in the process of doing all of that right now. He's battled back from some rough ones to throw up some really good ones, and now you just want to see him string a number of good outings together, and he's still fighting to do that. But there's positive signs every time he's out there.

- And that was Andy Green on Eric Lauer's confidence level since coming up to the Majors. And you heard Andy there, he's kind of had a roller coaster start to the season, some quality starts, and then some ones he'd probably rather forget. And they've kind of gone back to back, so he's still looking at-- to put together a few good outings, one after the other, but Andy Green said that he was encouraged by his fastball. He said that his fastballs got better life to it at the last two starts. And as soon as he can find those secondary pitches that he can rely on, he thinks that he'll really be able to turn a corner, Don, Mud, so he's getting to that point where they're hoping to see that from him soon.