Tony Gwynn Jr. explains who he is rooting for in this year’s World Cup

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Tony Gwynn Jr. explains who he is rooting for in this year's World Cup

- You know him as the baseball guy. We know him as the soccer guy. T, thanks for the time, bud.

- No problem.

- Let me ask you this. Fox had come up with this interesting initiative we thought. It's called 23andMe, and eventually, it will lead us to pull for a particular team. You tried it out. Can you maybe tell us a little bit about it and how you kind of navigated to your team?

- Yeah, I've been interested in doing something like this for a while. My wife had done it a few months earlier. So when I got the opportunity, I jumped at it. And my results were interesting. I kind of had a roundabout understanding of where my lineage was, but to see where it was pinpointed in West Africa kind of led me to the teams that I was going to root for. And that I'm pulling for. I had some choices. Senegal's over there. They're in the World Cup. But I elected to go with Nigeria.

- OK, so Nigeria is your team. So 23andMe, a DNA test in essence, that kind of leads you to your ancestry, Nigeria. Now, not all of us are that locked in to some of the teams in it. What do you know about the team in Nigeria?

- I know they have a few outstanding players that play in the Premier League. John Mikel Obi is their leader of the team. This was a team in the last World Cup that surprised some people and got into the knockout stage, as they call it. But this year, they're not picked to be one of the favorites. But I'm certainly going to be rooting for them.

- I like that scarf you're working there. So if they're not one of the favorites, who you think's going to pull this off?

- I'm sorry?

- I say, if they're not one of the favorites, Nigeria's not one of the favorites, as you can see, they're going to take on Croatia on Saturday 3:00 o'clock FS1. If not Nigeria, then who wins?

- I think Portugal's got a good shot. They were one of the teams that got to the end last year or the last World Cup. And any time you got Cristiano Ronaldo on your team, you got to be one of the favorites. This guy is a goal machine. One of the best ever to ever do it. So I think they're going to be one of the teams at the end. But certainly, it should be a lot of fun to watch.

- Hey, good luck, buddy. And I like the scarf.

- Thank you, thank you.

- Wear it proudly. Tony Gwynn Jr. is our soccer star slash representative, all things sports you kick.