Are the Milwaukee Brewers a playoff team?

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Can the Brewers stay in the playoff race all season long?

ANNOUNCER 1: is a very curious case. Remember last year, we thought the Brewers would fade. They were still there late into the season, all the way to the end. This year is shaping up, the Brewers are right where they were last year at this time.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah. Milwaukee Brewers created that. I thought they had a youthful exuberance last year that was wondering if you were going to sustain that. They did sustain it for a majority of the year. The Milwaukee Brewers are for real. They have put themselves in a position where they started to create that home atmosphere. The fans are very excited about this opportunity, and they know they're not that far away from the Chicago Cubs.

That being said, the Cubs are the team that is in the forefront of trying to challenge for that division title. I think the Milwaukee Brewers have the ability to do that. That being said, their starting rotation is not their strength, and that's scary to be able to sustain that. They're hoping for Jimmy Nelson to come back because last year, that injury really devastated them. Jimmy Nelson is a key for these guys to go out and do that, but offensively, they have enough firepower to challenge anybody when it comes down to it. And they have some younger players that are stepping up and becoming bona fide stars in the game of baseball. Milwaukee Brewers are for real.

This is going to be a very exciting series because the Cubs travel so well, especially up in Milwaukee. So it's really not a home game for Milwaukee Brewers. The Chicago Cubs understand, this is an important part and they try to muscle their way into Milwaukee. And hopefully, the series really shows what Don Trowels was talking about. It is an atmosphere that is, playoff close atmosphere, and I love seeing those series.