Travis Jankowski on his go-ahead RBI against the Marlins

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Jankowski went 2 for 5 in the Padres' 5-4 win.

- Mike, thanks so much. Travis, congratulations. You came up with the big hit in the clutch situation. How good did it feel?

- It felt great. It all started with Hunter going out there and getting a two-out double. Raffy getting on base. Szczur coming off the bench and getting two walks. A lot of credit to Szczur. That's not easy to do. And I just put a good swing on that ball.

REPORTER: Got to ask you about the at bat though. It looked like they were trying to come inside on you in those first two pitches. Were you looking for something out over? It looked like a pretty patient approach on your part.

- Yeah, still looking for something out over. I think that's one of my strengths. And It think that one I hit might have been a little in. And just kind of beat them to the spot and put a good swing on it.

REPORTER: Now, Travis, you also did a great job starting the ball game off with a hit, doing your thing as a leadoff man. But people forget, after the leadoff thing, you're there to drive in runs. And you're doing a great job of that, hitting 333. How much do you look forward to those opportunities?

- That's huge. Being a leadoff hitter, you typically don't get those opportunities. So I try and make the most of them and came up with one tonight. So hopefully, I can keep it going.

REPORTER: You know, just watching you, it seems like there was just a different calm about you at the plate, even if a pitch doesn't go your way. Do you feel more relaxed up there?

- Yeah, I feel great. You know, if there's a pitch I don't agree with, I've got two more to play with. And hopefully, I can get a good swing on at least one of them. And if that at bat, it doesn't work, I know I've got more at bats coming up. So just a calm, patient, relaxed approach.

REPORTER: Coming into this series, the Padres have been the best in baseball coming up with hits with runners in scoring position and two outs. You did it once again. You've done it four times so far this season.

What is it about this ball club? You guys just seem to come through in the big, key situations.

- Yeah, I think it just goes back to being relaxed and being confident. We do our pre-work. We do our film study, and stuff like that. So we have a good idea of what pitches are coming. And when we get them, we're putting good swings on them.

- All right. Travis, I've got to ask you about that last play. Were you afraid you might get knocked out of center, running into Reyes?

- Franmil is a big guy. He was a big guy. I might have been down for the year if I would have hit him. So thank goodness nothing happened.

- You weren't going to call him off and take him on.

- No. No, I can't do that. That's a matchup I'm not going to win.

- Hey. Glad you're OK. Congratulations, Travis.

- Thanks, Bob.

- All right. Glad Travis Jankowski made it through that last play. Guys, back over to you.