Does LeBron James deserve to win Finals MVP?

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Does LeBron James deserve to win Finals MVP? Hardwick and Richards debate.

- LeBron James winning the MVP of the NBA Finals? They're going to get swept! And yesterday on Twitter, he puts out this. He says--

JUDSON RICHARDS: By the way, does anyone seem to enjoy added characters more than Rich Ohrnberger. The 140-280? That may have been Rich's favorite day.

- Well, it's a nice way to blog.

- I mean, he's-- why do we need so much Enter keys to have really space out his tweets?

- So you really can look at them.

- Yeah.

- LeBron is the Finals MVP. He's not just carrying a team, he's carrying the tournament. And you know he says it like that. Tournament. If Steph or KD got hurt and couldn't play Game 4, it would build interest. If LeBron couldn't go, it would be ov-er-- baseball would see a ratings spike if LeBron weren't in the Finals.

So-- so by carrying the ratings, he's the most valuable player? OK? I got this. I got this, dog. I know who's won the MVP--

JUDSON RICHARDS: Oh, you do now?

NICK HARDWICK: As a loser, it's happened one time in NBA history.


NICK HARDWICK: Yes. Jerry West. The logo. Has won an NBA-- NBA Finals MVP while being a part of a losing team.

- Do you happen to have what that series was? A part of me guessed is it did not go four games. Here's the thing, because again, it pained me to respond to Rich's tweet. It pained me because I had to tell him that he was wrong when he was propping up LeBron James. Propping up LeBron is one of my favorite pastimes.

But Steph Curry set an NBA Finals record with the three pointers that he hit in Game 2. Kevin Durant was far and away the best player on the floor in Game 3. They do not win Game 3 because you are getting an all-out effort from every Cleveland Cavalier in Game 3.

And why would you not? The Cavs after they were down two games to none to the Boston Celtics, they have to know it's still a series even though you're down 2-nil, that's what happened in the Eastern Conference finals.

- Right.

- Kevin Durant took over. Kevin Durant had the dagger shots, he had 24 points at halftime. LeBron James has been outperformed two of the three games. He was masterful with his 51 in Game 1, but we can't give it to LeBron just because he's LeBron.

- So you got LeBron in Game 1, you've got Steph in Game 2, you've got KD in Game 3. I think this game is going to decide between Steph and KD who gets in the NBA Finals MVP.

- I agree. You can't have-- you can't have an MVP on the other side in a sweep.

NICK HARDWICK: By the way, Jerry West won the MVP, and the year that they lost, 1969-- it was the first year of the NBA-- when they lost to the Boston Celtics in seven. And he won the MVP as a loser in the very first season of the NBA.

JUDSON RICHARDS: I've got no problem with an MVP on the losing side. But you've got to-- you've got to have it go probably close to seven games.

- It's gotta go seven. I don't even--

- --have him run deep.

- I don't even think you can stop at six, it's gotta go seven. It's got to be a very valiant effort that they put out there, and I really feel like after Game 1, there's been no energy from Cleveland, although you would contend that in Game 3, they came out pretty hot and heavy in Cleveland.

JUDSON RICHARDS: They're diving on every loose ball.

- Sure. But then they ran out of steam, as they've done.