Cory Spangenberg: ‘We are grinders, we don’t give up’

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Cory Spangenberg: 'We are grinders, we don't give up'

- Cory, back to back home runs this series, two hits today. What have you been working on specifically to get more comfortable at the plate?

- You know, just getting my timing. Baseball is a tough sport, and when you don't have your timing, you're not going to do very well.

- How are you feeling right now?

- Feeling a lot better. It's getting better every day, and just want to translate to the game.

- You guys have won 7 out of 10, three consecutive series wins. That's the first time that that's happened since last year. What's going on behind the scenes that's having you guys play such good baseball right now?

- We're a bunch of grinders. We're resilient. We don't give up, and we're working hard.

- What's the vibe in the clubhouse after all these wins?

- I mean, we have a really good clubhouse. We have a bunch of high character guys who love to play the game, and who love to compete.

- What can you say about the effort of the bullpen today, getting in there and keeping you guys in the game?

- Our bullpen is the best part of our team. I mean, you know, their numbers speak for themselves. They've been great all year.

ANNIE HEILBRUNN: Cory, before I have to let you go, you pitched the ninth inning last night. First time you've pitched since high school. What was that like?

- That was a lot of fun. It wasn't fun that the team was losing as much as it was, but, you know, being back on the mound and just messing around was fun.

- First pitch strike for Cory, guys. Cory, thanks so much. Enjoy the win

- Thank you.