Andy Green talks about the blowout loss

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Andy Green talks about the blowout loss

- Not going into the game. The strategy was intended to win a baseball game. But once you get down four, five, or even eight in that case, part of things you never want to admit as a manager, sometimes you have to kind of punt and focus on winning the next game. Because if you go burn through all your pitchers, it gets really tough to win the next game.

So we got a lot of guys that we were able to preserve for tomorrow. And when you've got a bullpen day, coming after a day like that, sometimes you just have to do that. And that's not fun for anybody. I recognize it's not fun for fans sometimes, when you don't use all of your pitchers that you could use. But in that moment right there, it's the best choice for us going into tomorrow's game.

REPORTER ONE: You knew it was going to be a challenge. Obviously, your team had been hitting-- what happened tonight?

- I mean, it's just-- it's one of those days on a baseball field. Every single team over the course of the season has one. We gave one to them yesterday. They gave one right back to us today, and it will be a dogfight for the series tomorrow. That's pretty much the only way you got to look at it. You have those days, and those days aren't fun. But those are part of the season. And over the course of 162, all 30 teams are going to stare down days like that. You just don't want to stare down too many of them.

REPORTER TWO: What kind of leash does Bryan Mitchell have for a roster spot right now?

- It's not really anything I'm going to get into at this moment. Just checking on him, make sure he's feeling OK. He's a little sore after the game tonight, so I just want to make sure he's doing all right. Trying to get him to give some innings for us today was a stretch, after three days off. It wasn't like a full starters day off. So we ran him up over 60 pitches. So I just want to make sure he's feeling OK.

REPORTER THREE: Based on tonight, any idea who will start tomorrow's game?

- Yeah, I'm going to go in there with Darren. I want to talk to the pitcher before I announce it here. I'm sure you all can appreciate that. We'll get it to you all very shortly. But don't want to just say it here, when we haven't talked to the guys in there yet.

REPORTER FOUR: Why not just call up a kid from the Minors and make that start?

- I think where we are right now we felt it was our best opportunity to win a baseball game right now. Perdomo did get back on the mound today, which was good, but he had been out for a while. We got a few guys out through the Minor leagues right now, and we thought this was our best opportunity to go win a baseball game tomorrow. And we'll talk more about the particular guy here in a little bit. But right now, we feel it's the best play for just kind of even our future organization.

REPORTER FIVE: Obviously, it's not a whole lot of consolation, but how do you kind of describe Franmil's home run? What kind of attitude?

- Long. Yeah, he crushed it. I went up to him right before his at-bats, and don't you ever give an at-bat away in the big leagues. And like, that's gets real easy to do that over the course of a season when you stare up. And it happens to most hitters. But the best in the game don't give at-bats away and blow out games. They take everyone incredibly seriously. It was good to see him take that to heart and hit a long one.


- One, they're a good offense. Two, I think Freddie Freeman hit a pitch that not many people hit. And that was one of those kind of life sucking pitches, that when a guy hits that pitch, you feel that. It was a very good swing. I thought they had battle at-bats. Maybe we could have attacked a little bit differently? But those guys over there, they can swing the bat. And the guys in the middle, their order when they're hot. Freeman and Markakis are as tough outs as anybody in the game right now.