Andy Green talks about his team’s impressive performance following the victory

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Andy Green talks about his team's impressive performance following the victory

- It was great. Everybody did something really positive today at some point in time. So Clayton was outstanding, needed that link especially with the bullpen day coming up in a couple of days. So he was great, there's probably not enough superlatives to talk about the offense all together, but everybody did something really special today.

REPORTER: You wanted to know part of this before the game, but you were beating up on some teams with terrible records. You went out and took it to the first place [INAUDIBLE], with your probably biggest defensive output. What did that say about you?

- I'll-- I'll let you guys say that stuff. For me it's just like it's another baseball game, and any team in this league can beat you and you can step up and beat any team in this league. And if you just keep approaching them that way, you're going to win a lot more. And if you don't get too up, or too down, or too high, or too low, you end up playing good baseball. And our guys did that today, they've been doing that over the last week and a half, two weeks and that's all we're looking for right now.

REPORTER: What have they seen in the offense in the last 7 or 8 days?

- We're getting contributions from a lot of different places. There's been stretches where, you know, it's kind of been Hoz carrying us. But now there's-- there's some power all throughout the lineup right now, and it's good to see Cory Spangenberg get going. He's-- he's worked so incredibly hard and he's adapt-- adopted kind of a new role for us this year. He's always played every single day and sometimes it's really hard to slide in that role where you play one, sit one, play two, sit two. And he's had to do that, and it's hard sometimes to get him out to where the [INAUDIBLE] swung the bat this year, but it was a great day for him. But I think we've gotten contributions from a lot of different guys, and see him kind of come to life. Raffy Lopez needed a day like this today from an offensive perspective, he's been nails behind the plate. But getting contributions up and down the line up, not just constrained to just a few guys right down.

REPORTER: Do you think, like you had mentioned might happen if Raffy just accepted he was doing a good job behind the plate and the offense would come?

- I sure hope so. That's definitely advice he's been getting because he's been doing an unbelievable job back there. He blocked so well today, received well today, has been good repetitively back there for us. I know for us, like looking forward to tomorrow, we got a heck of a challenge in Newcomb. He's got a fastball that really jumps, left-hand guy that we've probably struggled with that profile. So I like that kind of test. I like us running up against guys that are going to be real tests the next two days. Foltynewicz you look at his last two starts has been borderline as good as anybody in the game of baseball. So like these next two starts, like there's a real challenge out in front of us.

REPORTER: This is the Clayton that you expected?

- Yeah I'd say he got off to a rough start this year and he's been this guy for six, seven starts now. He's thrown the ball really well, gives us an opportunity to win a baseball game, takes down a lot of innings for us, a big walk for him in the middle of that rally that kind of kept that going while we got just a string of two out hits. That was huge. But he's-- he's who he is, and we knew he was this guy and we were just, you know, as the first month went he was trying to find himself, it just took him a little time this year but he's definitely found his groove now.

REPORTER: Shows particularly the fact that you're a team.

- Yeah haven't--

REPORTER: Not a lot of pitchers are like that.

- Yeah I haven't dove too deep into that to actually check his splits. It wasn't like Julio's [INAUDIBLE] last year, where it was so egregious I got asked about it every single time he took the mound. You know, Clayton I haven't even noticed.


- Yeah.

REPORTER: What-- what do you like about [INAUDIBLE] as you've seen a few times?

- He's still getting his feet under him right now. You know, he's-- he's throwing every other day for us in the last six day period. That's a lot for him from a volume perspective, the opportunities have presented themselves to get him off the bump and kind of taken every one of those opportunities. He's getting his feet under him right now, coming back from that surgery. And I thought today after those first three batters when he settled in nicely, dropped a good breaking ball, and he's always had that breaking ball. He's probably, you know, pitching in a different role. He's always pitched, you know, mostly as a starter throughout his career, now he's actually trying to suck up innings late in games for us right now until he finds his groove. My encouragement will be to get to your stuff quicker rather than just, hey, here you go, it's a nine run game. If you just lay stuff in for Major League hitters they're going to get you, and he's got good stuff. So I think just throwing his-- throwing his breaking ball more, mixing more, I think will be a good recipe for him.

REPORTER: Do you see him getting eventually back to the starter's role? Or?

- We haven't even talked about crossing that bridge, it's get your feet under you right now and that's the way we've looked at it.

REPORTER: I think every run in the fifth with two outs kind of had a sacrifice for him. What does that mean to just pass the baton like that [INAUDIBLE]?

- Huge. As fun of an inning as we've had from an offensive perspective, probably all year, because there was a lot of hard hit baseballs all over the yard by everybody, a lot of balls hit the other way, you could probably rattle off every name in the lineup and say somebody stung one at some point in time during that inning and so that's a fun inning.

REPORTER: As far as these guys clicking, have they turned any kind of corners as far as growing together as a team, are you noticing anything different or is everything status quo?

- These guys love each other. They've enjoyed each other from the very beginning of the season. It's a lot easier to enjoy yourselves when you're winning baseball games but the guys in this clubhouse genuinely like each other. Point to Eric Hosmer who is like one of the main reasons. He's just the type of person that unites everybody together and everybody kind of gravitates to him and feeds off him and everybody in that clubhouse, Freddy Galvis is one of those guys too. There's great guys in that clubhouse.