How good are the streaking Padres?

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The Padres are better than their record indicates.

NICK HARDWICK: Heck yeah, let's do this thing! Bob Scanlan-- good morning to you, friend. Fox Sports San Diego-- Bob Scanlan joining us. What's up, buddy?

BOB SCANLAN (ON PHONE): Nick, Judson, great to talk to you guys. I am a little worried, though, about anybody that thinks that Mondays are the best day of the week.


BOB SCANLAN (ON PHONE): I mean, that's concerning.

- Bob, it's--

BOB SCANLAN (ON PHONE): And I'm really worried about you.

- Bob, for the Padres, it's only three days now till Thursday, which is going to be their first off day in, like, forever. How grueling has this stretch been?

BOB SCANLAN (ON PHONE): Oh, man. You know, it's been rough-- no question about it. But the guys have played really well. I mean, they've-- they've won some series now, these last two series, against the Marlins and the Reds. And honestly, they should win those series, right? And they did win those series.

They've been playing some better baseball. And, you know, they bring a nice little head of steam into this-- this series against the Atlanta Braves, which, you know, this is the type of series that can really launch you. In other words, they're only five and a half games out at this point. The fact that we're even talking that they're that close considering what's gone on this season is pretty amazing-- but they are. They're playing good baseball.

And if you can beat a team that's the division leader, that's playing some good ball, all of a sudden you take some nice momentum into that off day and off to the next road trip. So, you know, it's kind of-- it's a fun time right now.

- Now Bob, the Padres are in last place, albeit five and a half games out. So where they stand in their division is vastly different than the Marlins and the Reds. But they are three last place teams in the respective decisions.

You use the word should. What-- let me just challenge you on that. Why would you use the word should on three teams that are where they are in their divisions?

BOB SCANLAN (ON PHONE): Well, I think that the Padres had a better team than the Reds and the Marlins, both in terms of their depth and also in terms of the ability to put some runs up on the board with a couple of swings. Eric Hosmer's been swinging the bat well-- Pirela, Jankowski, Villanueva.

So I just thought there was more firepower that the Padres can put runs up on the board. They've got a better back-end of the bullpen than those other two teams. So, you know, just going into those two series, I'm thinking to myself, those are two teams that we should and could take down.

And you'd come out of there with two back-to-back winning series. You take five out of two. And you take that momentum against the Atlanta Braves.

So, you know, I just think there are some parts of this Padres ball club that are going in the right direction in terms of having more consistent starting pitching. Jordan Lyles has done a nice job since joining the rotation. Tyson Ross continues to throw well. Clayton Richard continues to throw well.

We're starting to see some of that hitting coming around. As I mentioned, Pirela's been swinging better. Jankowski's done a great job at the top of the lineup. And the back end of the bullpen with Stam, and Yates, and Hand, is still one of the best trifectas in the game right now.

So, you know, that there's reasons why you go into a series and you think, you know, if we can get a good starting effort our-- our starter today and keep us close, we've got a chance to win this game. So-- some things going in the right direction.

And I heard you guys talking about Wil Myers. Hopefully he's on the way back soon. They can get Austin Hedges back as well. So, you know, hopefully better times ahead.