Is JR Smith being coddled following his Game 1 mistake?

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JR Smith is not being held accountable for his mistake in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

- I felt myself almost like a crazy person last night yelling at the television.

- Were you?

- Yes.

- Good for you. What had you all fired up?

- They were-- and I mean Mark Jackson and Van Gundy-- they were defending JR Smith. Or they were praising the way that he handled it. And it really, really angered me.

- You like liars?

- You're either going at JR Smith. Or you're not talking about them. There is no defending JR Smith. Do you know how good we should all be at our profession 14 years in, Nick? 2004 he was drafted in the NBA out of high school. 14 years in, Nick. He's 32 years of age. And you can defend the way that he handled it? He didn't even handle it well.



NICK HARDWICK: He'd just lied.

JUDSON RICHARDS: And then he was honest.

NICK HARDWICK: And we know there's cameras everywhere. We're watching every single move. By the way, there's new footage released. You've got to go check this out. I'll put it up on my Twitter. We'll retweet this thing. There's new footage of the dejection that happened after they returned to the bench--

JUDSON RICHARDS: Perfect description.

NICK HARDWICK: --in between the fourth quarter and overtime. Oh my goodness. There's space in between JR Smith, he's sitting in between George Hill and LeBron James. Nobody's talking to him. It's like 2 and 1/2 minutes long before George will reach out and like dabs him. And LeBron, not a word. He won't say a word. And then three minutes, he's like head in towel, like I can't believe this just happened.