Szczur visits kids of Fay Elementary

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Matt Szczur spends the afternoon at Fay Elementary School.

[MUSIC PLAYING] MATT SZCZUR: Today we went to Fay Elementary and we worked with the Summer Sluggers. And we worked with them with math and spelling and reading. And we had an awesome time.

- We have our very own Padres baseball player, Matt Szczur. Can you give him a hand?

- Hey guys.

- Hey.

- What rhymes with cat?

- Matt.

- Nice, good job.

ANDEE HUGENBERG: Everfi is a technology company that aims to connect education with the real world. And one of our newest courses is called Summer Slugger, which is a program that aims to prevent summer learning loss. A lot of students after an entire summer without being in school, they lose some of the skills that they gained throughout the school year in reading and math. And so this program walks them through different math skills and reading skills so that they aren't losing all their hard work from the school year.

- Match the words that rhyme. Are you doing good at it? These are two easy ones, meat and seat, and then hook and book.

- It's super important for these kids to have these opportunities. And it leads to engagement in the classroom. And the best way to have the kids learn is through engagement, so. I think that the students to see and meet Matt and be engaged with them helps them really believe in their goals and their future.

MATT SZCZUR: And you guys are very lucky and blessed to have the opportunity to learn throughout the school year and the summer time. You guys are going to be great. You're going to go to college, get good grades, and get great jobs. I made a good balance between sports and education, academics, by putting academics first, right? You go home, make sure your homewor is done, then you go out and you play. You do, you know, basketball, baseball, football, whatever you want to do. Make sure academics come first.


- It was great to see the Padres out and students have a role model to look up to. And as Matt, you know, reinforced learning, it's great to see that we have Padres players out supporting students and students having mentors to look up to.