Eric Hosmer goes 3 for 4 in the Padres’ win

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Hosmer's bat has come alive lately, highlighted by another 3 for 4 game Sunday afternoon.

- OK. Thanks so much, guys. We're joined by one of the heroes of the ballgame, Eric Hosmer. Eric, congratulations, first of all. How good does it feel to get the back-to-back series wins, win five out of two for these home fans?

- It feels good. We dropped the first game in both. To bounce back and pick up two series wins is big. And we like the way we're playing right now.

- We always love to talk about your hitting, but I got to talk about the defense first. That three unassisted, six double play right there, that's the first time that Hamilton's grounded into a double play all season long. In your mind, knowing the guy's that fast, for a moment, do you think getting the lead runner or are you getting that fast guy right ahead?

- Yeah, Billy at the plate definitely has a lot to do with it. He's one of the-- if not the fastest guy in the league. So you know it's a hard chance at two. So I just want to secure one there. And I thought our chances would be better at second for the second out.

- And the throw right on the money, as always. Have you always have that accurate arm? Or is that something that you've had to work on?

- I think Freddy just does a good job of making it look good over there at shortstop.

- Hey, congratulations on the three hits today. Earlier in the season when we talked to you, because you were tearing it up in the gray uniforms, you said, hey, things are going to heat up at home. You've been hitting .438 during this homestand so far. Just getting comfortable here? Or you just knew it was a matter of time before they fall here in Petco?

- Yeah, just feeling that it was only a matter of time. This season's so long, and stuff plays out. So you had a-- just had a good idea it'd all balance out at some point. And it was good that it came-- most of them came on this homestand, and they're relating to wins.

- OK, I'm going to give you a assist on the grand slam, because Franmil Reyes starts that inning off with a 10-pitch at-bat. I know you've been mentoring him. He's mentioned it a lot that he's talked to you. What did it feel like to watch a young guy put together an at-bat like that and set up that situation?

- It's impressive. A lot of these guys were facing all these pitchers for the first time through. So just trying to give them a heads up on what to expect, what these guys have, and what they're trying to get them out with. But these guys are putting in tremendous work, and it's starting to show on the field.

- Great job all around today. Thanks for the time.

- Thank you.

- Eric Hosmer, guys, getting it done all over the place. Great to see the three hits. And love that double play that he turned in that last inning. Guys, back over to you.