Hunter Renfroe on his pinch-hit grand slam

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Renfroe's pinch-hit grand slam gave the Padres the lead for good.

[MUSIC PLAYING] - Hunter, congratulations, your first pinch hit home run. And you didn't mess around, man. You go for the grand slam. How good did it feel to come off the bench, put up that big at bat and help the ball club?

- It felt good. Obviously, I was just preparing myself. I was in the cage. And I knew I was going to come in in that predicament. And I don't know if it was going to be grand-- obviously, bases loaded or one on. But Andy told me to be ready for it. And I was and able to get a good swing on it.

- You'd mentioned that you'd had a little bit of time to prepare for it. I saw you in there three or four batters ahead of time. What's going through your mind at that point? What are you strategizing about, in terms of facing him in that situation?

- Just really preparing myself. Like I said, just watching what he's doing. And obviously, we've watched enough film on pitch sequences and stuff like that. But really just watching how the ball moves and being prepared, and mental rest, and getting up there, and get ready.

- It look like you crushed a slider. You got ripped off on a pitch, two pitches previous to that on a slider about six inches off the plate. Did you have a sense that he might try to come back with that pitch?

- I was just really looking for a pitch over the middle part of the plate. I was looking for strikes. And obviously, if he had thrown it again, I'd probably taken it. If it had been strike 3, it'd been strike 3. But I was just looking for a ball that I could hit and just do something with. And whether it be fastball or slider, I was just ready to hit it.

- Last three Padre grand slams belong to you. You got a monopoly on the grand slam right now?

- I don't know. That's pretty cool, I guess.

- Well, not only that, but I mean, you're batting average, over 400 in bases loaded situations. Why do you think that is? Do you just feel like, hey, he's got to come to you at that point? How do you stay relaxed?

- I don't know. I just stay relaxed, get up there, and do what I can. And then I really just kind of focus down to just being there. I've done this a bunch of times already, I guess, in the big leagues, and obviously coming up through the minor league system and doing it. So I just go up there and do what I can.

- Hunter, you've been tearing it up since you came back off of DL. Elbow feeling good, everything locked in?

- It feels pretty good. I obviously have some days where it's a little sore. But no, it feels great right now, and ready to get back out there.

- Hunter, congratulations on the big swing today.

- Thank you.

- Hunter Renfroe, guys. That grand slam home run turned it around. Back over to you.