Andy Green discusses his team’s pitching, production on offense following victory

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Andy Green discusses his team's pitching, production on offense following victory

- Came out with life in his stuff in the first inning. I thought his curve ball was better than it has been. Competed well-- got through five innings-- gave up one run on a solo home. So there were some really good flashes in there. I thought the curve ball was probably the best it's been. That's probably the biggest thing that helped him through the day.

REPORTER 1: About Castillo making his major league debut, striking out the side like that?

ANDY GREEN: Fun, I give him a really easy batter, the first one he faced. The guy's not-- guy's as good at it comes. And that's fun, in of itself, your first strikeout to big guy, like Joey Votto. And there's probably not too many pitchers that can actually say that. And then to punch out the whole side-- we've been talking about him for some time since he was acquired.

But also since I watched him in the WBC, I've been asking everybody about him. And so finally his time's come to get a chance at the big league level. And he seized it today. And we'll be careful with his arm, understanding the future of him out in front of him. He pitched yesterday too.

So he'll definitely be down tomorrow. And everybody will be clamoring to see him again. But he was really good. And one of those nights, he'll never forget the rest of his life. And those are fun things to watch.

REPORTER 2: You've seen him do that in the minors to come up and throw that slider at any time-- to do what he did with against those batters in the majors. What does that say?

- He had to shake a 10-year veteran catcher in the big leagues and say, no, I want to throw a 3-1 slider to Duvall and then land it. And then throw a fastball by him, like, you don't see that very often. That's some conviction. And convictions better than any other ingredient a pitcher can have. And he's got that.

REPORTER 2: You've shown a lot of faith in Eric. And you spoke before the game about it for him to come out and obviously learn, put some things into practice, and to get a victory. What do you think that does for him?

- He's great for his confidence. I think now, we want to stack a good one on top of a good one. That will be the next challenge out in front of him. But he can get big league hitters out. We know it. And we know there will be growing pains along the way. But there's a lot to like there. I thought that, like I said, the curve ball was a big story today for me.

REPORTER 3: Those Manny's at bats turning in a positive direction recently?

- Yeah, they've been good. they've been really competitive for some time now. But it was a big hit he had today-- kind of opened it up for us-- a double down the line there. And I think Manny's-- even the balls, he's getting out on, he's starting to square up a little more consistently now. So it's fun to see him getting going.

REPORTER 4: What do you say about Jose Castillo debut?

- As good as you can have one. Fun for him-- excited, thrilled. One of those days I'll never forget the rest of his life.

REPORTER 5: When you watched him last March, did you think it was going to be a little over a year until you actually saw him up here?

- I didn't know. I didn't know how long it would take. I mean, he got to AAA and was very dominant in the short stent. He hasn't been there long at all. So it's not he didn't get a long path either. But you can see this stuff really quickly-- how real it is. And I just remember watching him punch out Yelich. And I think Arenado last year. And those guys are all right too.

REPORTER 2: Around the failure to slide, which is very uncharacteristic of him, Travis had a real, like, hustle night. That guy continues to bring a lot for you.

- Yeah, he's been even-- the bunt doesn't turn into a hit to start the game. He's flying down the line, causing problems, putting pressure-- the two stolen bases and on base repetitively for us. Travis has done that. He's done it very well. I have to talk to him about not sliding. He's smart enough to understand that and know that.

And I am certain him and Skip will talk about it. Because I know Skip well enough to know that they're going talk about it. But Travis is playing really pretty well. Not much else you can really ask of him playing very nice defense out there too.