Travis Jankowski: ‘The bats came alive tonight’

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Travis Jankowski: 'The bats came alive tonight'

- Annie.

- Travis, 9 of the team's 11 lead off hits to start games this season. What have you done to be so productive in that area? You got another one on tonight.

- Yeah, just going out there and being patiently aggressive, waiting for a pitch in my zone, and attacking it when I get it.

- Speaking of aggressive, you beat out the pitcher in the seventh inning to get on first base. What are you thinking there, as far as mentality?

- Well, I didn't barrel it. So I was thinking, I better get down this line and get on first base. So speed kills.

- Speed does kill. Very good. A lot of business in the outfield today, including a put-out by you in left field over the railing on a Joey Votto hit. How much pride do you take in that defense?

- I love defense. I think he gets over overrated and overshadowed. So when I go out there and make good plays, I feel like it pumps the pitchers up and pumps the team up. So I love going out there and making good plays.

- You lead the team in steals right now with 10. What's more fun, the steal, big hit, big play on defense? You got to rank it, Travis.

- I love the steals. The steals by far. I love getting dirty. I love going out there and getting bags.

- And then finally, Travis, what does this mean for the team to come back and have such a good night after a tough one last night?

- It's huge. The bats came alive tonight. Lauer went out there and competed. He did great. So it's awesome. Hopefully, we can keep this rolling.

- All right, Travis. I think you need to get a laundry detergent company to sponsor you. Very good. Enjoy the win. Congratulations. Thank you so much.

- Thank you.

- Mike, back to you.