What are the expectations for Walker Lockett?

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What are the expectations for the rookie?

ANALYST 1: We've got a business to take care of today in that we're going to see a major league debut again, which is always great. I think Padres fans look forward to this. And hopefully, some of these guys catch fire.

Tonight it's going to Walker Lockett. What do we know about him?

ANALYST 2: Well, he was a guy who went on the 40-man roster at the end of 2016. So he's been a guy they've been high on for some time. He's just had injuries the last year, hasn't been able to get that opportunity. And he finally got one because guys like Luis Perdomo is hurt, Joey Lucchesi's hurt, obviously.

So at some point, you got to see what you have in this guy, who's been on the 40-man roster. And tonight is the night. It could be another start after that deepening on how Joey Lucchesi does on rehab. But we'll see. He's a heavy sinker, slider guy.

ANALYST 1: I was going to say, that's right up your alley, a sinker, slider guy. You've got to be excited to see him throw.

ANALYST 3: Yeah, without a doubt. Any time anybody can get a chance to come up to the big leagues, whether the numbers are great or the numbers are bad, getting an opportunity is huge. And what I like about him, he's got that heavy sinker.

You saw the pitch right there. He reminds me a little bit of Adam Eaton back in the day. Had the same let kick, same delivery, stood tall.

But I like that he stays on top of the ball, and he does. You can see in those video clips that he has a really heavy sinker.