Athletes and celebrities raise money for kids of San Diego

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The athletes and celebrities who hold San Diego near and dear to them help raise money for kids.

[MUSIC PLAYING] MARK GRANT: It's good to see all the superheroes in the room. And what I mean by that is that people coming to this event and knowing that, in their heart, they want to help the kids of San Diego County. So they need people like this to come and spend their money, because that's what it's all about. We're raising money for STAR/PAL. To see everybody in that room, all the celebrities take time that they do, it's really, really cool, because they love coming here. This is one of the better events of the year.

- 2,750. $3,000, ladies and gentlemen!


- When you partner law enforcement, first responders, with kids in a community, the lasting impact it can make in communities, it's pretty special.

- Padres POV host for Fox Sports San Diego, Lisa Lane.

- All right, anyone want some Fox Sports San Diego swag? Yay! My first sale. Woo!

- You know, I was a kid once. I mean, I'm still a kid. I think every kid deserves an opportunity to better themselves and have an opportunity to do something that they can find a passion to do. You know, these kids, they need nurturing. If they go off on the bad path, they make bad decisions, it just doesn't work out well. So this is an event that puts them on the right path, hopefully.

- It's really comfy, soft. Feel it. Very soft.


- You'll take the t-shirt. Woo!

A.J. ELLIS: I'll sell whatever it takes. You know, we're going to make some money today, and it's my first time. So I'm going to kind of keep my eyes open, see what else is doing. But I finish strong. So at the end, we'll have a nice sprint to the finish line.

You need glasses. These things are awesome.


- How we doing?

- We're doing good. It's pretty full.

- Think we're beating--

- I think we are.

MARK GRANT: --beating everybody else? That's all that matters to me.

- We're loading it up.

- They think it's about us raising money for the kids. It's not. It's about us winning. It's all that matters. Shoot, we're miked up. That was you said that.

- I would like to find out how many kids that went through the STAR/PAL program are now in law enforcement. I remember as a kid, you know, you looked up to people like that. The policemen, the firefighters, whoever it was that made a difference in people's lives and were a big deal. You know, we all want to have mentors and people to look up to, and these are the perfect people just for that.